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FS2000/2002: Fire/Rescue related Helicopter missions/scenery in Florida. This is a residential house fire on a small farm just south of Beulah. Includes fire equipment, animated fire and a helicopter LZ. If you have the Airport textures, this file is self sufficient. Fifth in series by Charlie Young . 280K
CFS2/FS2002 Hainan-Dao Mesh Ver 1.2 High-resolution, hand edited mesh for Hainan-Dao Island in South China. LOD 10 3.75 arc second resolution. This mesh covers the entire island and can be added to the larger CFS2 Indochina Mesh Ver 1.3 or used by itself. By Rolf Keibel. 7.2MB
Carrier Navs: FS2002 includes navigation for four aircraft carriers, but the only included navaid is the ILS for the USS Vinson. The files in this package fill out the missing radio navigation and landing aids for the four default carriers, plus the USS Saratoga (CV-60) by Robert Waszkiewicz and the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) by Javier Fernandez. Also included are instructions on how to fly from FS2002 airports to each carrier, as well as, and flight situation files for a "radio check" for each carrier. Freeware by Doug Horton. 36K
FS2002 Scenery Albury NSW Australia. Albury is located in the scenic Murray River region of south-eastern Australia. This scenery includes a runway, taxiways, hangars, control tower, trees, static aircraft, lights, roads, navigation aids, night light effects and cars. This scenery was made using Airport 2.6 Build 133 Textures required. Airport 2.6, VOD, Nova and Nova Gold. Made by Steven Royals. 1.1MB
EGFH Swansea UK, Situated 5nm WSW of Swansea Created with Airport 2 60 for FS2002, custom control Tower designed with FSDS. Taxiways have been hardened with the latest build of Airport. Author Paul Roberts in co-operation with Mike Vernon. 612K