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Blizzard Run British Columbia Scenery for FS 2002. Blizzard Run, a thriving trading community located on top, and on the shores of quadra island in british Columbia, Canada. Detailed scenery featuring many custom houses, open hangers, lake houses, float plane hangers, wooden docks, static vehicles, campers, and incorporating the new FS2002 smoke effects. By Michael Carr. 3.9MB
AGATHONISI For FS2002 VERSION 1.0 surrounded by other smaller uninhibited islands like Kounelonisi, Katsagani, Neronisi, Strongily, Pitta etc. It's the northeast island of Dodekanisa group and it's 8 nautical miles from the Micrasiatian coasts. By Mike Papakis. 290K
FS2002 'Gaia Mesh System' UK A preview for the New Uk Mesh designed with 'Gaia Mesh System' to be released on March 17 2002 by Fsfreeware. The scenery is very highly detailed and designed from digital maps. Will Includes the whole of UK and Ireland. The download size of whole mesh if forecast to be about 8 mb of size. Note the size of this demo which is only 159 kb - This means very high frames rates cause your Simulator has very little work to do in order to show the mesh and very short downloads time - This is a real 'Gaia Mesh System' Scenery and not an imitation!! Author: Raimondo Taburet. 196K
ADDON PACK for KNTU & KNFE Static aircraft (Hornets and Joint Strike Fighters) at Oceana NAS and Fentress NALF. Also land-based practice arrestor cables (with ArrCab .dat file) at Fentress. Requires CVNtxr2.zip for aircraft textures. by Richard Hogen. 210K

FS2002 Scandinavia 'Gaia Mesh System Demo'. A scenery demo for the new 'Gaia Mesh System Scandinavia' produced by FSfreeware. A map for the area of coverage is included with this zip. Full product is available at the site as shareware package. By: Raimondo Taburet. 464K

FS2002 Leeds/Bradford v1.5 This is scenery of Leeds/Bradford Airport in the North of England. It has been extensively updated from the original to make it compatable with FS2K2. It has also been enhanced with trees from Gerrish Gray`s fantastic tree library which has to been downladed and installed seperatly, if you havent already. By: Paul Baines. 3.1MB
FS2000/2002: Number 7 in Beulah Helicopter series by C.Young. Contains Santa Rosa Air Park, Beach Hotel, and Medical Complex(5 hospitals). Over 15 marked helicopter landing areas. Requires textures from previous series offerings. 500K
FS2002 Herzlia, Israel. This is a scenery of "Herzlia" Airfield near to Tel-aviv Israel, It's A small and a very busy Airfield. Its MY First Scenery with the help of "Nova 1.4" And "Architect". David Rosenfeld. 4.1MB
FS2002 - 'Gaia Mesh System' United Kingdom Demo. This demo Cover Cover N57 W5 to N56 W3 in Scotland. Part of the Package 'Gaia Mesh System' United Kindod. This Pack Cover the whole ofUnited Kindom and includes very Detailed Terrain Mesh. The Full Download Size for the Scenery is 6,35 MB ONLY! Full Package is Available at Fsfreeware.com as Low Price Payware Scenery at US$ 9.99. By: Fsfreeware Group and Raimondo Taburet. 550K