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FS2002 Scenery. 13 airports of Switzerland. This scenery add 3 forgotten airports in West of Switzerland : Gruyere (LSGT), Yverdon (LSGY) and Bex (LSGB). It contains also 10 other airports : Geneva-Cointrin (LSGG), Lausanne (LSGL), Sion (LSGS), Ecuvillens (LSGE), Neuchatel (LSGN), Les Eplatures (LSGC), Thoune (LSZW), Birrfeld (LSZF), Wangen-Lachen (LSPV) and Altenrhein (LSZR). Features seasonal textures and night effects where existing. By Daniel Gauthier.

3 Parts

Part 1 4.2MB

Part 2 2.9MB

Part 3 4MB

see 14 below

FS2002 Advanced Terrain Mesh System DEMO - UK. This is an updated version of the Visual Flight Lake District Demo covering N55 W4 to N54 W2. It uses advanced data processing techniques unique to Visual Flight to produce the most accurate and visually impressive terrain available for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Designed and optimised for FS2002, delivering high frame rates with minimal download sizes. Please do not confuse this scenery with "Gaia" mesh. By Visual Flight. 849K
FS2002 PlanetAir Scenery Texture TEXTURES for jimmy R martin Sceneries. Never worry about my textures again! Mar 03, 2002. These textures will cover all PlanetAir past and future sceneries. They include dynamic scenery fire trucks, baggage, passenger stair trucks, stores, hotels, etc. FREEWARE ONLY. This covers all PlanetAir updates! This updates ALL previous textures. SEE READ ME FILE< - jimmy R martin. 9.6MB
FS2002 Scenery Jim Meyers Intl UPDATE KJMYm March 7, 2002: This adds dynamic objects to the fictional Jim Meyers airport. You DO NOT need A previous installation or you may install over previous PlanetAir Jim Meyers airport installation. REQUIRES " Scenery Textures" above. Stairtrucks, firetrucks, etc. APT file included. -jimmy R martin. 510K
FS2002 scenery enhancement for Antarctica. Features fictional airstrips and navaids for 23 real life stations. Includes an A/FD. By Bill Freeborn. 2MB




Updated FS2002 Scenery for Devonport, Tasmania Australia Devonport Tasmania Australia. New Scenery file, designed to help all those that love VFR and Night Flying, this Airport was almost impossible to find when flying VFR or Night Flying, and is the 1st in a series of update for the whole of Tasmania. 58K

FS2002, Recife, Brazil. Guararapes International Airport By: Bill Melichar This scenery is an edit on my scenery of Recife, created for FS2000. There were some texture issues with the old scenery, and rather than put out a fix, I decided to create a new airport, which correctly duplicates the real thing. In this scenery I have completely changed the airport layout, buildings, runways, and static aircraft to resemble the real airport. In the process, everything was simplified resulting in lower frame rates, and a much easier airport to fly in and out of. The simplification also allowed me to put in more detail in terms of signage, lighting, and taxi stripes, especially in the gate area. This scenery should also work fine in FS2000. 2.6MB

UPDATE: , Recife, Brazil Guararapes Int. Airport Fix.By Bill MelicharThis file is a patch for the missing car textures in the parking lot in my Recife, Brazil scenery Rec2k2.zip. 1.3MB

Chevron Kumul Oilrig 2000/2002 in the gulf of Papua off the south coast of Papua New Guinea south of Kikori with a landable helipad and bardge. the Pacific 212 is used to fly from Kope to the rig. By Deane Robson. 1MB
FS2002 Scenery/ Hollywood, CA. Positions the famous sign & radio tower on Mt. Lee and includes the Griffith Observatory which is located on Mt. Hollywood. Exclude file removes the Microsoft default Hollywood sign which they placed on Mt. Hollywood. Ian Yates. 1.7MB