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LONDON STANSTED AIRPORT FOR FS2002 This is the FS2000 versiuon with additions to make it compatible with FS2002. Includes new FedEx cargo centre, extended terminal, docking panels, new jetway and stair logos, improved textures, flashing "Wig-Wag" Hold lights and FS Traffic tracks for dynamic aircraft. By John Young. 2.4MB
FS2002 World Trade Centre, Twin Towers. .New textures for the World Trade Center. For everyone who misses them, this file puts the WTC twin towers back into the FS2002 default scenery. Scenery and Texture by Stefan Reich . 25K
FS2002 spring trees replacement texture for my Mallorca AutoGen scenery Installation: Backup your old treessp.bmp file, wich you will find in the FS2002/Texture folder. Copy this new treessp.bmp into the FS2002/Texture folder and confirm overwriting with yes. The tree texture affects only on spring time. There is only one particular tree converted as an almond tree, all the others will remain like they are.The almond trees will appear in spring all over the FS world, whereever this special tree is used. This is freeware, nobody is allowed to charge money for it, wether for this or an alternated version. Have much fun! Best wishes Stefan Reich. 485K
British Airways To Heathow AI Traffic Extras: There are a few extra addons in this File. There is also EasyJet and Britannia Flight Schedules, but the Aircrafts are need to work. INSTALLATION: Just double click the "TCompliler.exe" File to Install the Flights. To get the aircrafts to appear, just download the following Aircrafts from the British Airways VA site: Airbus A319 Airbus A320 B747-400 B777-200 B767-300ER B757-200 B737-400 Concorde Once these aircrafts are download, just place them in the Aircraft Directory in the main FS2002 folder. Then you are ready to role. Any Problems, contact Garry Hucker. 943K
FS2002 Advanced Terrain Mesh System - Scotland This is a completely new version of the Visual Flight Highlands and Islands of Scotland demo covering Skye, South Uist, Benbecula, North Uist, Harris, Lewis and the mainland coast from Ullapool to the Kyle of Lochalsh. An Islands Tour Flight Plan is provided which takes a circular route from Plockton to Stornoway via Benbecula, then back via Ullapool. Visual Flight UK & Ireland Terrain Mesh Scenery 2.0 uses advanced data processing techniques to produce the most accurate and visually impressive terrain yet available for the British Isles. The scenery is unsurpassed in its rendition of the UK and Ireland, bringing to life the hills and mountains of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, as well as eliminating the airport elevation anomalies that affect other mesh sceneries. By John Farrie, Visual Flight. 1.3MB
FS2000/2002: User changable Helicopter base. Number 10 and last in Beulah series by C.Young. If you can use MS Paint you can design your own helipads! Requires "Airport" textures. 73K

FS2002. Scenery. Russia. Scenery of Moscow city with three basic airports: Sheremetyevo (UUEE), Domodedovo (UUDD), Vnukovo (UUWW). Fully compatible with default dynamic scenery of FS2002. Represents all most important buildings of Moscow: Theatre Bolshoy, Wight house, MID, Building of KGB, Universitet of Lomonosov, Hotel Ukraina, Red square, VDNJ with some pavilions and more... Three most important airports of Moscow with new additions, improved macros and special effects (hangars with open-close doors, fountain has dynamic water), night light effects, custom objects, vehicles, static aircrafts and ground trucks. All required files included ! All scenery have AFD entries, so that they are selectable along with the default FS2002 airports. Also useful for flights by VFR and online! Have a nice flight! By Gary V. 8.8MB

Update: FS2002. Scenery. Russia Update A small fix for Moscow scenery. Just addes missed VOR (MR-114.60) in the Sheremetyevo airport (UUEE). Requieres Moscow.zip By Gary V.

FS2002 Stone Henge, UK. MS forgot to add the Stone Henge scenery but programmed FS2002 to look for it. 35K
FS2002 Scenery CAT ISLAND UPGRADE March 31, 2002 This updates all 3 Airports on the island PLUS updates the Southern end of Worship "WEND3" Many Great changes. "PlanetAir Scenery Textures" also required. Required. SEE README FILE. - jimmy R martin. 2.4MB