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Scenery Page 34
EDHC - REHBECK Lüchow-Dannenberg - for MS-FS2002 This small airfield is located near the city of Luchow in the District of Luchow-Dannenberg. Partly raised in Hitzacker/Elbe (also close by), I was missing this airfield in MS-FS2002, which I used to visit with my bike as a young boy from time to time. Klaus-Peter Trogisch. 689K
FS2002 Pemberton BC floatplane scenery This is a fictional floatbase near the Pemberton airstrip, about 115 km north of Vancouver. Includes working refueling area. No other textures or scenery needed. By Ted Griggs. 334K
FS2002 runway and concrete replacement textures By Alexandre Cadel Installation : Unzip the file in a tempory folder Just drag the runway11.bmp and asphalt.r8 files in the FS2002\Texture\ folder That's it ! I made these files because I didn't like the clean and grey aspect of the FS default runways. I turn them to a tan color which looks like better for me. 345K
Autogen Buildings (3) Latin America FS2002 Scenery. The third set in the series of replacement texture sheets intended to improve the appearance of the default Autogen buildings. This one covers Latin America, inc. the Caribbean, the southern part of Central America, and the whole of South America. (See also AGBldAfr.zip and AGBldEur.zip). Freeware by Gerrish Gray. 647K
Flight Simulator Airport EDWB (Am Luneort) ; File generated by AFCAD Version 1.1. Klaus-Peter Trogisch. 976K
FS2002 Tahiti International Airport, and sea plane base, Island of Tahiti, French Polynesia..This scenery completely redoes the main terminal and hangar area at the Tahiti airport, near the city of Papaeete, and it adds a second sea plane airport near the center of the island. It also includes larger turn out areas for large jetliners, a boat dock at the main airport, complete with a regatta out in the ocean. The sea plane base is in a secluded cove complete with a terminal, heliport, luxury hotel, and Tahitian style village..PPT By: Bill Melichar. 1.6MB
FS2002: Motu Mute Airport, and seaport, Bora Bora, French Polynesia........NTTB. This scenery adds a beautiful Polynesian styled airport and seaplane port to the tropical island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. It includes larger runway turnouts for regional airline jets, a terminal and maintenance area, a port for seaplanes and boats, nice night lighting effects, and native tropical landscaping. There is also a Polynesian style hotel out across the bay on the main island. By: Bill Melichar. 570K
London Heathrow Airport upgrade - Gates, Taxiways & Runways Update For Fs 2002. Corrects taxiways and parking areas. Real life gate labelling. Closes 27R & 9R for landing and leaves 27L & 9L for landings. Requires World Air Simulation's "London Heathorw-Live" add-on for FS 2000 & 2002. This file will look stupid in FS 2002 without this add-on. Also requires AFCAD by Lee Swordy. Freeware by James Ridout. 116K
FS2002 - Orungal, Texas - Queensland, Australia.This is a small private farm/pastoral station strip located in Sth Western Queensland, comes with Full Textures, new runways etc. Steve James. 1MB
ERCAN (LCEN) AIRPORT FOR NORTH CYPRUS TREE TEXTURES Scenery For FS2002. North Cyprus Ercan Airport tree textures for the benefit of those who do not have the 'airport for windows' tree textures. By Serdar Nuzhet. 153K