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FS 2002 Harrison Lake BC floatplane scenery This fictional floatbase sits near the Tipella airstrip, near the site of historic Port Douglas, at the top of Harrison Lake. Includes refueling area. All required textures included. By Ted Griggs. 644K
STONEHENGE FS2K2 Actually this re-post of Stonehenge (also courteously posted by Matt Watkins) by me is a plea to Microsoft's developers or others who are tuning to my frequency to come up with new scenery add-ons along the lines of "Ancient and Modern Wonders Of The World". Posted by Sharizal Zahrin. 98K
Gerrish's Trees Library for FS2000/2 Release 3 - Updated Version FS2000 & FS2002 Scenery / Scenery Design. This is my complete Trees Object Library, updated and re-issued as a single package. (Not to be confused with my series of Autogen tree replacements for improving the default trees in the FS2002 landscape, see the separate downloads GTL_AGEN.ZIP, MSTREES.ZIP, and MSTREES2.ZIP). The package includes the Trees Library file itself and all required textures, with simple instructions for use with any sceneries, old or new, that state that they need "Gerrish's Trees Library". The textures come in two versions: the original set designed for FS2000/2 and an updated set for use with FS2002 only. 3.2MB
FS2002 Sth Louisiana 'Rescue' Scenery #1 by C.Young. First in series located in the New Orleans and South Louisiana area. . Two Pads at New Orleans Lakefront Airport. 3. US Coast Guard Station on the Lake east of New Orleans International. This has a map entry, NDB 432 and an ILS approach to the helipad on 111.25. 5. Helipad North of the Lake at Slidel, La. Airport(KASD). 12. East Jefferson Hospital east of Petrocomm NDB 354. 46. Crash of PanAM Flight 759 east of KMSY. (July 9,1982) 47. Slidel Memorial Hospital north side of Lake Pontchatrain NDB 399. 1.3MB
FS2002 Moorea Airport, Temae, Island of Moorea, French Polynesia... This scenery redoes the main terminal at Moorea airport, and adds a sea plane base in the lake near the end of the runway, plus a luxury resort hotel on the bay behind the airport. The scenery includes parking areas, roadways, boat and seaplane docks, sail boats out in the bay, indigenous landscaping, and nice night lighting effects....NTTM By: Bill Melichar. 1.9MB
Autogen Buildings (4) Asia & the Pacific FS2002 Scenery. The fourth set in the series of replacement texture sheets intended to improve the appearance of the default Autogen buildings. This one covers Asia and much of the Pacific. (See also AGBldAfr.zip, AGBldEur.zip, AGBldLat.zip). Freeware by Gerrish Gray. 775K
Balls Pyramid Version 1 (GMAX) Located 15NM South East of Lord Howe Island (YLHI), rises 551m from the sea floor. Version 1 does not include wave effects unfortunately. Mike "Tshikwara" Hill. 166K
FS2002 Scenery - Bearpaw Air Taxi. A fictional airport located 3 miles east of Iliamna, Alaska. This is a private airfield with a 2000ft gravel runway and floatlpane dock, it is intended to be used as a base of operations for flights to and from other bush scenery I have made in the Iliamna area. Sound files for Lago's FSSoundScape are also included. by Tom Fica. 2.3MB
Fictional Oilrigs at Baia de guanabara on Rio de Janeiro Brasil! The NDB is 234.00 and the location is S22* 53.22 W04309.83 There is 6 Oilrigs in all coast area at Rio de Janeiro PLease Enjoy! By Gustavo Baumgarten. 248K