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FS2002 Helicopter Scenery - Number 2 in New Orleans Series by Charlie Young. This installment contains a heliport downtown near the Superdome, the Jackson Barracks military establishment, a ship fire in the Mississippi River and Fire equipment plant in Holden, La. 1.4MB

see update below

Tahiti Afcad files and flight plans Here is three afcad files for the following scenery Tahiti internation, Bora bora and Moorea made by Bill Melichar use them with Lee Swordy's AFCAD program. Also I have made up some flight plans that can be used with Traffic Tools also by same highly intelligent guy Thanks Lee. 100K
FS2002 Huahine Airport and sea plane base, Huahine, French Polynesia, Fare.....NTTH Description: This scenery redoes the main terminal and hangar area, and adds a base for sea planes at the Huahine airport. This is one of the major airports of French Polynesia, and is situated on a beautiful island with lagoons all around it. Like Bora Bora, and Moorea, it is a major tourist destination with crystal clear turquoise waters, and luxury resort hotels. It is in the Society Island group, and is a short hop from Tahiti or the other paradise islands surrounding it. .By: Bill Melichar. 2.3MB
Northwoods SAR Center is located approximately 30 miles SE of Ketchikan Intl (PAKT) in SE Alaska. Northwoods is the Operations Base for the Virtual Search and Rescue VA, providing SAR ops to SE Alaska and Western BC. Includes 5500 ft. runway, hospital facilities, hangers and more. AFCAD files included, working ATC and shows on GPS and Map View. By Joe Spencer - CSR_Rescue_1. 1.6MB
Fs Jet trails for Fs2002. Brings you Jet trails like with FsClouds in Fs2000. By Gerard Salden. 127K
FS2002 Dubai international airport (omdb) updates. This file is for afcad. It adds new gates to Dubai, which enable bigger and more aircraft to visit Dubai . Runways have been fixed to use the correct runway for takeoff and landing as it is in real life. Parking areas, new and bigger and new start locations at the hold-short points of the runway. This file was constructed so that ai traffic files could work better as there is now more room at the terminal for more aircraft. 11K
Autogen Building Replacements (5) Australia FS2002 Scenery. The fifth set in the series of replacement texture sheets intended to improve the appearance of the default Autogen buildings. This one is for Australia, which is favoured by FS2002 with its own dedicated set of Autogen buildings. (See also AGBldAfr.zip, AGBldEur.zip, AGBldLat.zip and AGBldAsi.zip). Freeware by Gerrish Gray. 584K
FS2002 New Orleans Helicopter Scenery #3 by C.Young. Every installment is stand alone. This installment includes authentic replicas of the PHI helicopter base in Harahan/New Orleans, and Ochner Hospital with a very unique landing pad. Also included is an update of the Superdome heliport with a new elivated pad added. If you've seen this scenery and want to try it, try this one! 1.1MB
FS2002, Raiatea Airport, Island of Raiatea, French Polynesia------Uturoa, NTTR By Bill Melichar This scenery adds a new more realistic primitive style terminal, a new hangar area, and adds a dock and terminal for sea planes at the Raiatea airport. Raiatea is one of the major airports of French Polynesia, and is located in the Society Islands where most of the population and tourist industry exist. It has one of the longest runways of the outer islands at 5,400 feet. The other part of this island named Tahaa can be seen sitting out across the beautiful coral bay. 1.6MB