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Scenery Page 42
Rescue Island West For FS2002 . This Island features 3 airports, two which have full ATC and AI capability, and a giant bar shaped like a Heineken beer bottle with landable helipads and two runways for challenging landings. The ILS approaches at Main Base and Sky Harbor were made very close to the canyon walls purposely for added excitement. John H Auger. 2.6MB
TIBET SCENERY for FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2002 v6.2. AddOn scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulators both missing airports in Tibet - ZULS LXA Lhasa Gonggar Airport (other names: Gongkar, Gonga) - ZUBD BPX Changdu Bangda Airport (other names: Bangda, Bamda, Pomda, Qamdo) By UranusJay - Jan Martin. 616K
FS2002 Scenery--Meigs Field This famous airport features high resolution terrain textures, detailed custom 3-D objects, seasonal and night textures, new parking, and an AI traffic boost. AFCAD required, MSTREES.ZIP and TrafficTools recommended. Includes bug fixes, upgraded documentation and troubleshooting to aid installation. By Colin McGlothlin. 3.9MB
Gran Canaria AI Traffic upgrade. . This is a real "timetable" for Gran Canaria airport, I made AI traffic, and a lot of parking spaces. Required AFCAD by Lee Swordy available here. George Kovacshazi. 7K
FS2002 Scenery, Exuma Intl, Bahamas Terminal, houses, and sign by Jorge Christian Pagano. Scenery created from airport photos and includes new VOR and 8,000ft runway with improved lighting and approach. (ILS also added). Car rental and layout design jimmy R martin. Map, GPS, and Flight Planner displayed. First of a series for the Exuma islands. Some "As real as I could get it." - jimmy R martin. 2MB
AFCAD import files for Amsterdam Schiphol .adds gates, taxiways. Take off should now Be RWy24 and RWY 27 For Landing operation. Required AFCAD by Lee Swordy available here. By Silteodevie Timisela. 66K
FS2002 Scenery - Farewell Lake Lodge, Alaska. This enhances the default seaplane base at Farewell Lake (FKK) and the adjoining airstrip Tin Creek (PAFL). Located 60 miles East of McGrath and 135 miles North West of Anchorage. Sound files for Lago's FSSoundScape are also included. by Tom Fica. 2.1MB
KRDD (Redding Municipal Airport) is located in the beautiful city of Redding Ca. Redding is a city located in Shasta County 150 mile's north of Sacramento on Interstate-5. Redding is known as a gateway for recreation for those visiting this Northern Ca. city. Author: Randall Smith. 386K
Maria Island - Tasmania Australia Maria Island is located just off the South East Coast Of Tasmania. This scenery is a complete update of my original Maria Island and now includes Ranger's House/Office, camping areas etc. Come with full textures, jetty and landing strips for both Float and normal wheel planes. Requires Gerrish Gray's Trees Ian Thatcher. 2.2MB
FS2002 - Hobart International Airport - Tasmania Australia Hobart Airport is situated on the northern side of the Derwent River and is Tasmania's biggest Airport. This scenery comes complete with new terminal, hangers,carpark etc and is complete with ful textures. Also included are the Tasman Bridge, Mt Wellington Towers, Ships/Boats on the Dewent River, all of which have been supplied thanks to "Clive Marriot". Includes Landclass Scenery and AFCAD file (By Neil Barnett). This scenery also requires, Airport textures, Nova and Nova Gold texture as well as "Gerrish Grays" trees. Ian Thatcher. 1.1MB