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Scenery Page 43
FS2002 Scenery KCPS - St Louis Downtown Airport Located just across the river from St Louis, MO. Here is where I earned my Private Pilot Rating at Sisk Aviation. Many fond and exciting memories. Simply added signs and buildings to default scenery with no adjustments to default traffic or tower control. As real as I could get it based on aerial photographs with two added buildings for Sisk Aviation and myself. jimmy R martin. 1.7MB

FS2002, Pago Pago International Airport and City of Pago Pago.......NSTU Island of Tutuila, American Samoa By: Bill Melichar. This scenery redoes all the airport facilities at Pago Pago including its very interesting series of hut styled buildings at the main terminal. It also contains a rendition of the city of Pago Pago at the end of the next bay over from the airport. The airport itself has a very interesting layout with its two runways jutting out into the bay on coral reefs, with a small body of water between them, where I have placed a small docking area for sea planes. The city is able to be driven around in a car, and contains several interesting features such as a luxury hotel, specialty shops and restaurants, boat docks, and houses dotting the mountainsides behind it which all have night lighting. 3MB

FS2004 Update here

FS2002 Gold Bridge BC floatplane scenery. Semi-accurate representation of the historical town of Gold Bridge. The area known as the Bridge River Valley is full of British Columbia history. Includes VOR and refueling dock, as well as boathouse and and dock starting points. By Ted Griggs. 1MB

Allgaeu, Germany. . This Scenery included are 7 airports out of the area Allgäu the 4 contained airports: Durach Füssen Agathzeller Moos Leutkirch Kaufbeuern Geratshof Memmingen AB. Complete with Landclass and AI-Traffic.

Fehlende .bgl Data for Bereich Allgäu (Germany) Version 2.51 Markus Mayer.

Memmingen Air Force base, Germany. This Scenery comprises the military airport Memmingerberge as well as AFCAD air traffic files. Henry Noack. 2.7MB.
Kai Tak - VHHK. Hong Kong Kai Tak has been closed in real life ever since the new Hong Kong International airport (VHHH) was opened, and so it is in FS2002. But not any more! The airport buildings and facilities have been sitting there, gathering dust and smelling musty - but now you can open them up again and have the airport back up and running, complete with all the navaids and comms facilities you could ever want. Roger Mole. 207K
AFCAD files Collection. . A collection of around 130 AFCAD files covering the globe. Contains a lot of airports, from Tokio Narita, through Amsterdam Schipoll, to Dallas Fort Worth. I made some, and I downloaded the other part of the files. You'll need AFCAD to use this. These are for heavy traffic, example I have more than 28.000 flightplans. 472K
FS2002 Scenery--Ross Airpark, Tasmania, Australia. A fictional airpark set east of picturesque lakes. Features many trees by Gerrish Grey, hotels and villas by John De Langristin, and static aircraft. Extensive documentation, with IFR approach plates, AFCAD file and AI flight plans. By Adrian Shortall. 3.3MB
New Runway Textures. Darker More Realistic Asphalt Runway Textures I've changed the default asphalt runway texture to get a more realistic colour and texture. I've included 2 different types of textures, a normal one, and a darker version. By Greg Russell. 58K
New York City Heliports #1. This package contains an improved version of the East 34th Street Heliport as well as a new West 30th Street Heliport. Both heliports exist in the real world and i've tried my best to accurately portray them. Adrian Cholmondeley. 675K