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Scenery Page 46
VERMONT AFCAD FILES VERSION 1.0 FOR FS2002. AFCAD files and flight plans for General Aviation airports in the state of Vermont and vacinity. by Chris Coarse. (AFCAD available here). 70K
FS2002, Saipan International Airport, Island of Saipan in the Mariana Islands...PGSN Located in the Oceania Region of the world. This scenery redoes the entire Saipan Airport in it's beautiful Asian influenced Polynesian architecture. By: Bill Melichar. 3.2MB
FS2002 Elvington Airfield in East Yorkshire,UK. Elvington was a wartime airfield to the east of York(UK) .After the war,it was redeveloped with a view to becoming a Cold War base for B 52 bombers. To this end, a massive concrete runway, in places over 21 feet thick,was constructed. It is almost 2 miles long and has a huge concrete apron at the eastern end. By Nick Cooper. 567K
Netherlands Flight Plans. This are some flightplans to use with the Netherlands scenery. Also needed: nl2000v2afcad.zip and ttools133.zip from Lee Swordy (here). Joop Mak. 4K
Netherlands AFCAD files. The scenery of NL2000v2 of the Netherlands is very accurate. and different from the default positions in Fs2002. I made 24 files for AI/AFCAD to correct the default traffic . You need the program AFCAD of Lee Swordy (here)to import the files in FS2002. The default files ar included. Joop Mak. 104K
Sulby International and Onchan 'City' Airports for FS2002 This scenery adds two fictional airports to the Isle of Man, which are particularly useful for training purposes. Onchan City is located on the former site of White City, and is merely an airstrip, whereas Sulby International is a larger collection of runways and buildings, and makes for a scenic short-hop from Ronaldsway. Martin Curtis. 80K
FS2002 AFCAD files for Pacific region. AFCAD files for NSTU (Pago Pago, American Samoa), NSFA (Samoa), NCRG (Rarotonga, Cook Islands), NWWW (Noumea La Tontouta), NVVV (Port Vila, Vanuatu), and NFFN (Nadi, Fiji). NVVV and NWWW for default scenery, the rest for use with Bill Melichar's individual airports. Public Domain. Requires AFCAD and TTools programs (both here) . By Ross King. 12K
FS 2002 Scenery - 41 coast helipads in Madagascar (Africa). Landing there need hability. Build with Flight Simulator Scenery Creator (Leung Software). By Tsilavo Ramisarijaona. 648K
New Zealand Afcad Complete v.1 Afcad files and flight plans for FS 2002 by Robert Bakhuis - Here is 7 afcad files for addon scenery for New Zealand. Also include are the other 71 afcad files for the FS2002 deault airports scenery. Requires AFCAD 137K
Scenery is of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Included are vortex heliport, Harrison co. Jail, Biloxi beach amusement park, a dock in Biloxi back bay, a aegis missile cruiser south of Biloxi, and the Mississippi coast coliseum. Vortex, the jail, the docks and the coliseum are actually added to your ATC database, GPS database, and even the searchable database. Matthew Walker. 664K