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Flight Simulator Scenery Creator 1.2.5 FSSC is a freeware scenery designing program. This new major release includes even more support for FS2000/CFS features, better macro handling, AFD and Area16N support, detailed tutorials, Autosave, and an intuitive user interface. SCASM, by permission of Manfred Moldenhauer, is also included. The program is available in English and six other languages. No prior intallation needed. By Derek Leung. 3.6MB - see below
Flight Simulator Scenery Creator 1.2.7 Upgrade FS Scenery Creator is a freeware scenery designing program. Features include an intuitive user interface, support for all versions of Flight Simulator and ability to read most standard macros. The program is available in English and seven other languages. Requires a prior installation (version 1.2.5/6) (above). This upgrade fixes the autosave bug. By Derek Leung. 733K

Airport 2.10.

Airport for Win95 is a utility allowing the construction of scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulators. It easily caters to the creation of scenery of airports, their surrounding landscape and navaids, without laborious conversions of latitudes, longitudes, distances and angles. Airport allows you to setup the whole scenery file with a graphical editor. New features include: Windows 98 Fully Compatible, Windows NT Fully Compatible, SCASM 2.19c compiler for scenery, 7 new photorealistic static aircraft macros (converted from Project Freeware Planes), Smaller program size, Increased program speed, Increased effeciency, Fixed REIL problems, Fixed runway sign macro problems, Fixed "Unexpected Error" problem, Fixed dynamic scenery on runway problems. By Brian McWilliams, Tom Hiscox, Pascal Meziat, Manfred Moldenhauer (The Flight Sim Group). File size 5.3MB

German language file for this package. File size 29573.

Scenery design whitepaper available on Tutorials

UPGRADE TO Airport 2.6 below. Further Upgrades below.....

Airport v2.60 Upgrade from Airport v2.10 Airport v2.60 is a Freeware program for composing scenery, especially airports, for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This version supports all FS versions from 5.1 through FS 2000 and CFS. Many improvements have been made including support for long file names, extended textures in r8 and bmp format, autobackup and autosave options, increased resolution to 0.1m, editing of FS2000 scenery.cfg file for exclude and flatten areas, and fixes to problems with older Airport scenery in FS2000. The upgrade includes SCASM v2.46 scenery compiler. This upgrade requires a prior installation of Airport v2.10 Original Airport written by Pascal Meziat. SCASM written by Manfred Moldenhauer Airport Upgrade by Tom Hiscox. 2.6MB
Microsoft FS2000 Scenery Software Development Kit (scen_sdk.exe). The Scenery SDK includes explanations and examples of the concepts and elements used to design scenery for Flight Simulator. In particular, this SDK both explains and provides a programmer's reference for the BGL graphics language; it also explains the BGL files that contain scenery. You'll find sections that include more advanced topics dealing with the specifics and subtleties of scenery design. Important: The information included in the Scenery SDK is intended as a reference for programmers. It assumes familiarity with C programming language, Macro Assembler (MASM), and game development. The information is not supported by Microsoft Product Support. 975K
Textured Mountain Creator. Create mountains for your scenery. File size 65826. Chuck Dome.
'Trees' Object Libraries for FS2000/CFS SDK Module The SDK for the new 'Trees' series of static object libraries for creating trees in FS2000 scenery. Contains documentation and 24 macros in API format for use with Airport 2.60 and similar scenery design programs. Also requires Module 0, the basic object library containing a set of generic tree types (see TREES_0.ZIP). By Gerrish Gray. 424K
TerraBuilder(tm) v1.93 (v2.0 BETA) Scenery Design Tool. Elevated mesh terrain scenery designer for MS Flight Simulator 98, CFS and FS2K. By Misho Katulic. Version 1.93, Version 2.0 BETA. 434K
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