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Dynamic Object Designer

Dynamic Object Designer DOD v3.0 - full installation. DOD is a Win95/98 utility to create dynamic sceneries forFS98. You can create flight paths manually using simple commands or by drawing your path on a graphic as well as using recorded flight data files. Easy commands allows you to use a common path by one or more aircraft at different intervals of time and positions. You can also add in your scenery any converted custom aircraft showing the liveries of your choice. This version offers for the first time static libraries with 200 ready made objects. The program comes with a detailed help on line, also you can d/l the demo file EASTDYN3.ZIP with extra help and information of the program. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. File size 3025527


Visual Object Designer 3.0 a Windows 95/98 utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator FS5/FSFW95/FS98 and Combat Flight Simulator. A utility to generate a great variety of objects for scenery design, like hangars, towers, control towers, lines, surfaces runways, roads, docking systems and more. Making use of some primitive forms, like cubes and pyramids, you can build simple objects like a new building or complex ones like terminals and gates using the standard VOD textures. The program also generates and uses API macros for use with the Airport program and also generates compatible macros to use with the ASD program from Abacus v1.1 and v2.0. This version comes with a set of 26 macros in API format. This program requires the VOD standard texture file

Part 1 (vod30-1.zip) File size 2680434

Part 2 (vod30-2.zip) File size 2369613

By Rafael Garcia Sanchez.

DOD Static Library Files. (dodslib1.zip)

Dynamic Object Designer Static Library Files for FS98. This is a collection of 200 static 3D objects for scenery design, like hangars, control towers, buildings, terminal and gates, bridges and more. The files are part of the release of DOD v3.0. You will also need the standard VOD textures file VODTEX27.ZIP. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez.

DOD Static Aircraft Library Files (dodlib05.zip)

Dynamic Object Designer Aircraft files. Required by several dynamic scenery files & others. File size 986107

Scenery Disassembler v1.9 for MSFS. SCDIS can disassemble BGL files, which are MSFS scenery files, and convert them into SCASM source files. By Takuya Murakami. 137K
FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2000 RUNWAY EDITOR. This program is a Windows utility that will allow you to edit and modify all runway data which are incorporated in FS2000 BGL files. Requires VB 4 runtime files, if you don't have these. By Hervé Sors. 139K
Flight Simulator Scenery Creator (Official) FS Scenery Creator is a high-level graphical scenery creator. The program allows for the creation airports. This program does not require a previous installation. FSSC can now convert Airport 2.xx files. MSVBVM50.DLL is required, but not included (should be in your Windows/System folder - if not - here (650K)). This is an official release. By Derek Leung. 160K

Scenery Designers Toolkit v. 1.01. This program lets you manipulate Airport (APT) files so that you can translate (move) and rotate your scenery. This version lets you choose which objects to manipulate and import/export features are added. by Pelle F. S. Liljendal. 691K

Area Manager, a scenery file sorter.
It helps install new scenery, tidies your scenery folders and allows you to disable scenery easily and quickly. File size 1149407. Update for this (49k)
FS2000 Extended-Bitmap Editing Utility (updated) Bmp2000 - Utility to allow the editing of the Extended-Format Bitmaps supplied with Combat Flight Simulator and FS2000. Edit Images and Sub-Images in your favourite Paint Program. Create Extended-Format Bitmaps from ordinary Images (most formats).Edit 8 bit Transparency. Now updated to support the direct editing of AF99 Aircraft textures (*.?AF) with conversion to Extended Bitmap for use in CFS and FS2000. Also includes a simple Transparency View option for 8 bit Images and a Batch-conversion option. By Martin Wright. 310K
HOW TO BUILD DIGITAL ELEVATIONS MAPS FS2000 and get sucesfull copilation for use with the Microsoft´s SDK IV tutorial tools. Included a tutorial with a lot of new information, a new version of the grises.exe program to convert gray scaled bitmap to DEM, and a terrain bgl of Santander . By Jokin Bedialauneta. 1.3MB
Airport 2.02 Textures (txtur202.zip) - required by many scenery add-ons. File size 155484


ASD Textures (ASDv2Textures.zip) - required by many scenery add-ons. 702K
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