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Scenery Page 53
FS2002 Scenery of Manizales, Colombia. Scenery of Manizales and the airport La Nubia, with parkings designed by AFCAD, real topografy and visual reference points for aproach VFR. Designed by Jose Joaquin Gonzalez. 2.3MB

FS2002 Scenery. Edwards South Base. A very simple scenery file that adds concrete taxiways and hardstands to the default Edwards South Base runway and makes it selectable from the FS 'go to airport' menu. includes AFCAD and VoicePack files. By Nigel Mason. 107K

Update: Edwards South Base Fix. A fix file to cure the altitude mismatch between the runway and the surrounding area. Fixes SthBase.zip. Sincere apologies. By Nigel Mason. 16K

San Franciso Fire 2003 V1.0 Slurry Bomber Scenery This package contains a representation of the current (April 2003) San Francisco Fire, about 60 NM south of Albquerque along the Rio Grande River bosque area. More precisely it is less than 5 NM North of the OMN (Socorro, NM) VOR. This is the first fire of the 2003 fire season and so far only two P-3 tankers have been certified safe for operations after the disasters in the 2002 season where several of the older aircraft crashed due to airframe fatique. The USFS needs your help! Load up your favorite slurry bomber and head down. The fire is contained to the west side of the Rio Grande right now, and you'll find fire trucks working along the western face of the fire. Kyle Ramsey. 324K
FS2002 Scenery.Fix for missing texture in The Happy Bottom Riding Club (above) . Pancho Barne's famous ranch near Edwards Air Force Base. Requires Barnes.zip By Nigel Mason. 38K
FS2002 Scenery Add-on Aeroporto de Congonhas - São Paulo - Brazil. Luiz Eduardo Blanski. 2.2MB
FS-2002 Scenery: SBCM - Aeroporto Municipal Diomício Freitas. CRICIÚMA, Santa Catarina - Brasil. By Carlos Pereira. 992K
FS2002 AEROPORTO INTERNACIONAL DO RIO DE JANEIRO/GALEÃO. By Fernando Gasparotto & Fernando Marcato. 1.4MB
FS2002 AEROPORTO DE LUZIÂNIA, Brazil - Aeroporto Brigadeiro Araripe Macedo. By Pedro Leonardo Nunes. Credit also to Alex Pinheiro Machado, Alcides Barbosa, Fernando Marcato, Felipe Paraizo de Lima. 4.6MB
FS2002 SCENERY: SBJV - Joinville Municipal Airport Joinville, Santa Catarina State - Southeast Brazil. This is the first FS-2002 scenery from the " QUICK-SCENES " series. It is to be used over and with the default Joinville FS-2002 scenery. It doesn't have any BGL leveling files (FLATTEN). By Carlos Pereira. 2MB
FS2002 Scenery Phoenix 2003 Fix A small file to fix the problem of aircraft bouncing during taxi when using Phoenix 2003 scenery (here).For use with kphx2k3.zip by Gary D.Jones. 2K