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Scenery Page 54
FS2002 RAF Valley. UK Military Airbase. Replacement of the defaut RAF Valley. Scenery made with FSSC, includes AFD files, TTools Airport entry and some AI flightplans. 640K
FS2002 Scenery for South Africa. Wonderboom Airport (FAWB), Pretoria, South Africa. A highly detailed airport containing photorealistic ground textures, hangars and buildings. Wonderboom is a General Aviation Airport located north of Pretoria, South Africa. It is a fairly busy airport being used by various flying schools. By Henning van Rensburg and Johan van Wyk, Aeroworx. 5.5MB
FS2002 Scenery -- Area A -- Echo Canyon, NV Version 2 This fictional scenery includes the huge Aeroworks Flight Center #3 located in Echo Canyon, Nevada and is about 40 miles from the infamous Groom Lake complex or Area 51. The base is designed for flight testing any kind of aircraft for FS, long runways for heavy/fast aircraft, ILS approaches for instrument landing tests, and plenty of hangars to accomodate large aircraft. Version 2 includes several new custom designed macros and facilities as well as the usual concept aircraft macros. Includes navigational aids and works in conjunction with FS2002's AFD and shows up on FS2002 GPS. Requires Airport 2.10 and VOD 3.0 textures. Scenery and static aircraft by Jason L. Terry. 3.2MB
FS2002 Shelburne Airfield, Massacusetts. This A Ficitonal Airfield In Shelburne Falls, Massacusetts It Is Remotly Located In The Berkshire Foot Hills It is Tough But Fun to Take Off And Land In Aircraft Such As The 172, And 182 Due To The Mountianous Area. Created By Andrew Holl. 792K
FS2002/CFS2 Scenery -- Area B -- Railroad Valley, NV. This fictional scenery includes Aeroworks Flight Center #4 located in Railroad Valley, Nevada and located 25 miles north of the fictional Area A scenery (afc3v2jt.zip). The base acts as a weapons development center and storage facility and has a 10,000 foot runway with ILS approaches. The scenery is comprised almost entirely from custom designed scenery macros. and works in conjunction with FS2002's AFD and shows up on FS2002 GPS. Requires Airport 2.10 and VOD 3.0 textures. Scenery and static aircraft by Jason L. Terry. 2.2MB
FS2002 Al Udeid AB, Qatar. Al Udeid is a air base located several miles west of Doha, the capital of Qatar and the home of U.S. Central Command (Centcom). The air base has been heavily used by the United States for the War on Terrorism and the war in Iraq. Activity at the base has increased dramatically for the past few years. This is a simple scenery that will add the new tarmacs and "stealth" bunker/hangars that have been built there. Created using Leung's FSSC and designed using new and old satellite photos. Includes full night lighting. By Matt Magner. 530K
Red Lake Fire 2003 Slurry Bomber Scenery This package contains a representation of the current (April 2003) Red Lake Fire in Minn. It is located near Red Lake (of course, and can be found at Radial 209, DME 42 from the BDE VOR. Grab your favorite slurry bomber and get after this +30,000 acre fire. Second in the 2003 Fire Bomber Series by Kyle Ramsey. 169K
FS2002 Update for RAF Brize Norton for FS2002. Update 1 for Replacement for the FS2002 default scenery of Royal Air Force Brize Norton, Oxfordshire,UK (here) . Update includes new buildings and objects not in first release. Runway Distance Markers and New Floodlights added. By Nick Black. 95K
FS2002 Isle of Man, UK- Andreas. A compact recreation of RAF Andreas located on the north of the Isle of Man, UK. This scenery comes in two flavours- one for the FS2002 default mesh, and another for the Gaia UK Scenery Mesh. Martin Curtis. 62K
Isle of Man - Calf of Man Fictional. . An international airport on a rock less than 1 sq. mile in area! Of course this is only a fictional airport, but it's certainly fun trying to land there! Martin Curtis. 194K