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FS2002, Piarco International Airport, Island of Trinidad, Caribbean Region......TTPP Description: This scenery completely redoes the Piarco airport on the Island of Trinidad. It Features the beautiful new terminal, and the old terminal across the runway, which has been converted to cargo operations. It also accurately places all of the hangar areas. This airport is the homebase to British West Indies Airlines, (BWIA), and contains three static aircraft which are removeable, in their previous livery. There are no aircraft at the gates for the purpose of allowing A1 aircraft. There is no AFCAD file, but I invite anyone out there to create one. By: Bill Melichar, consulted by: Cassy, the SkyGodess. 4.3MB
AI Traffic Tracks for RAF Brize Norton. AI Traffic Tracks and AFCAD files for Royal Air Force Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, UK. Includes All Scheduled RAF Flights from the base (updated from files released with Brize Norton v3), Refuelling Flights, local flyers, and AFCAD Gates and Taxiways update. Intended for use with nb_egvn3.zip but AI flights will work with default scenery. By Nick Black. 31K
EPLR Poland Scenery: Lotniska. . By Pawe Kliczka. 1.1MB
FS2002 LUGO - Lugo Scenery Version 1.0 - Only for FS2002. High detailed and realistic Scenery of the city of Lugo (Spain), included significant buildings and monuments, such as The Roman Wall, The Cathedral, The Old City, The City Hall, The Plaza de España, The Miño River and so on. By Manuel Vilela. 1.8MB
FS2002 Zia Air Cargo Maintenance Facilities, New Mexico. This package contains the three maintenance facilities for ZAC. There is a main overhaul facility at Roswell, NM (KROW) with several hangars, one large enough for DC-10's. There are also two satilite maintenance facilities, one at KABQ on the east side of Runway 03 (Opposite the South Cargo Ramp, a previous scenery release I made in April 2003) with a hangar large enough for DC-10's and another in Tuscaloosa, Al (KTCL) where the hangar is large enough for B727's. These facilities' repuation for quality has grown to the point where we do contract maintenance for the USFS fire bombers and other commercial carrier aircraft; you might see some of them being serviced when you drop by. All locations have night-lighted textures with a start location which can be found using the add on scenery button on your Go To Airport menu. Kyle Ramsey. 2MB
FS2002 Lanai Airport V2, Lanai City, Island of Lanai, Hawaii. PHNY By: Bill Melichar Description: This scenery is a remake of my original Lanai scenery for FS2002, which was way to overdone for this sleepy little airport. It now contains a very quaint, rustic Hawaiian styled airport situated on the original FS tarmac and runways, so there is no longer heading problems. It also corrects the bouncing aircraft problem in the first scenery. Since there are no taxiways, I have included adequate turnouts at each end of the runway. This airport now fits the area, and is my second upgrade to my Pacific Island series. 1.8MB
FS2002 Perth CBD v2.0. This is a FS2002 airport module that recreates the major landmarks of Perth CBD, Western Australia. I have had some unexpected time available to work on the scenery and following some strong feedback from people I can now offer version 2. Trevis Lawton. 1.4MB
FS2002 Ryan Creek Airfield, New Zealand. Complete NZRC © Airport,Afcad files and flight plans for FS 2002 - Microsoft left out Ryan Creek Airfield, Stewart Island when it made FS2002. It is a well use commercial airfield so here it is very simple as it is in real life. Southern Air operate two BN-2 Britten Norman Islanders and has access to a Cessna 185 to maintain daily regular scheduled flights from Invercargill to Stewart Island. There are a minimum of three scheduled flights per day. However, the number of flights increases on demand through the busy summer season, the current record held being 33 return flights in one day. Also inclued is the afcad and flight plans files for Ryan Creek. By Robert Bakhuis. 244K
FS2002 Kai Tak IGS/ILS Instrument Landing System. Kai Tak was closed in FS2002 and I originally issued a couple of Zip archives (Tak_VHHK.zip and VHHK_1.zip) to reopen the airport and add ATC and ILS radio frequencies. After issuing my files I received many emails pointing out (quite rightly!) that the IGS (Instrument Guidance System) was missing and it was therefore impossible to do correct approaches to the infamous runway 13. Roger Mole. 1MB