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Scenery Page 57
FS2002 London, Ontario Canada V1.1. New improved downtown, and some surrounding areas of London, Ontario Canada (CYXU) by John Sousa. 712K
FS2002 scenery - Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. A complete remake of the default airport, including a new Landclass and AFCAD file. Includes F-5E AI Aircraft. By Martin Strong. 8.3MB

FS2002 Scenery. Mulhouse-Habsheim Aerodrome, France. This airfield is located North-East of France,he is under Basel-Mulhouse (LFSB) TMA. The scenery is detailed with static aircrafts, hangars, airport buildings and more... Very nice for all virtual pilots from the Haut-Rhin or somebody who want to discover the region. By HAUGER Fredo. 1.8MB

Update: Fix for Mulhouse-Habsheim. This patch correct ground Texture problème in front of "Aéroclub du Haut-Rhin" start position. By HAUGER Fredo. 387K

FS2002 scenery - Buriram, Thailand - VTUO Buriram is a small city in northeast Thailand. It is served by a small domestic airline. This scenery adds a terminal, control tower, and most of the other buildings that should be there. The airport layout was taken from Thailand's DOA website. By Martin Strong. 5.2MB
FS2002 Isla de Mona, Puerto Rico. The island is real...the resort and marina is not!! Fictional addition!... Simple scenery for those who wanted To fly to Mona island (between Puerto Rico and sto. Domingo) It has an 2000' dirt airstrip and a hotel & the marinas soon will be a sea plane base. OBERTO "ROTOL" AYALA. 533K
FS2002 Florida Search and Rescue Scenery. This search scenario is flown in the Florida Keys from Key West NAS. It contains the nescessary bgl and texture files to place a sinking ship ,and a few "Coastie" patrol boats In the area of the Keys. It also contains a flight file, and a weather file to place in your saved flights. The scenario also uses Bob Bongiovanni's Navy repaint of the stock Cessna 182 RG. ( Included) By Brian Jett. 1.5MB
FS2002 Charleston Int'l/AFB in North Charleston, SC. It was created by Adam J. Sereika using FSSC 1.5.7. 1.4MB
FS2002 Rumney Field, Ma. This Is A Fictional Airport In The Rumney Marsh In Saugus, Massachusetts A Suburb Of Boston There Are Local Rumors About An Actual Airport Being Built There. This Is My Dipiction Of It. This Is A nice little Airport To Fly In And Out Of. It Is Excellent for STOL(Short Take Off And Landing). Andrew Holl. 913K
FS2002, Tobago International Airport, Island of Tobago, Caribbean Region......TTCP. Description: This scenery realistically creates the Tobago airport, and the immediate surrounding area of Crown Point on the beautiful Island of Tobago. It contains hundreds of trees, Caribbean neighborhoods, a resort hotel, and a completely done front side of the airport with parking, the airports shops, and a flea market. Tobago is the sister Island to Trinidad which I recently released, and it is a nice short hop flying between the two airports. An AFCAD file will be along shortly, especially with the number of parking slots at this airport. There are NO static aircraft in this scenery, and the airport is very full of A1 aircraft with ATC set at 100%. By: Bill Melichar. 6MB
FS2002 McChord Air Force Base (KTCM) Near Tacoma, Washington, this scenery is a fair representation of McChord AFB's ramp area. Several custom built hangers, including the large double round top hangars needed for the bigger C-17's stationed there. This base also has a ANG Reserve C-130 unit and a busy transient ramp with a couple of F-117's and a Marine HH-46 passing through. Includes night textures and four start up locations. Nothing bigger than a C-130 at the transient ramp start up location or you'll scratch the paint on the Marine -46 (bad thing). Static aircraft can be easliy elminated if desired. Requires NOVA Gold textures, a free download. By Kyle Ramsey. 1.5MB