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FS2002 scenery - Chiang Mai, Thailand, VTCC. Chiang Mai International Airport is under the authority of the Airport Authority of Thailand. There are two small airports near Chiang Mai that I have included in with this project. Lamphun Airport VTCO is about 12 miles south of Chiang Mai, and Lanna Airport VTCM is about 9 miles to the southwest. I believe that both of these airports are privately owned by the clubs that fly out of there. This scenery "almost" works in FS2004, that is, a few modifications will be needed, but for the most part it works fine. I think that this may be the case with most FS2002 scenery. By Martin Strong. 19MB
HM Bark Endeavour Scenery for FS2002. All new GMAX models for FS2002. Includes Endeavour under sail east of Sydney Australia, along side the wharf at Whitby Harbour UK, and at anchor in Kealakekua Bay Hawaii. Self installing package includes some prepared flights. By Mike Hill. 1.7MB
FS2002 Selfridge ANGB V2 Scenery Package. Selfridge ANGB, one of the busiest guard bases in the country, is located about 20 miles north of downtown Detroit on beautiful lake St. Clair. The base is named after the first military casualty of flight, and was the first airfield established in Michigan. Today the base is home to the Michigan Red Devils (F-16C/D's), an airlift wing (C-130E's), a air refeuling wing (KC-135E's), and Coast Gaurd HH-65A Daulphins. The base also serves to every branch of the military. I created the scenery, trying to be as precise as possible, using my own experiences inside the base, my own photos, and aerial photos. Built in Leung FSSC. Requires Nova Gold Textures pack 1 (here). A must have for anyone that lives in the Detroit area. By Matt Magner. 2.2MB
FS2004/2 scenery. Colmar-Meyenheim Military Airbase (LFSC), France. This is the second version from my scenery from Meyenheim military Air Base who is the home from two French Air Force squadrons EC1-30 "ALSACE" and EC2-30 "NORMANDIE-NIEMEN", she is located North-East from FRANCE in ALSACE.Complete rebuild from the entry of the base, from the Tower, cells, Addition from an helipad "Start Location", new 3D trees,rebuild from all road in the base, addition from signal panel around the base, AFCAD file include. A major work was made to improve the Frame Rate. Full compatible with FS2004 ACOF. Thanks to MAtthieu LAPORTE. By HAUGER Fredo. 2.1MB
FS2002 Fictional Gibraltar Rock. Not like real life but intended as a fun raised area. Tim J. 109K
FS2002, Montego Bay (Sangster) International airport, Jamaica..........MKJS By: Bill Melichar This scenery depicts the Sangster International airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This is the busiest airport in Jamaica, and is the home base to Air Jamaica. Included is the Air Jamaica maintenance facilities, as well as the terminal and light craft area along with various other airport structures, and the ILS tower lights out in the ocean off the end of the runway. There are no static aircraft, and I invite anyone to create an afcad file for the abundant aircraft parking spaces at this facility. Also included are some new trees featuring a 3D coconut palm with textures by John de Langristin. This airport is currently under construction with jetways being added, and a few are depicted here. 4.4MB
FS2002 Babya International Airport scenery v 1.1-Babya International Airport is a basic airport scenery that is suitable for lower end machines, and is quick to load in Flight Simulator 2002.Created with Flight Simulator Scenery Creator. Now includes buildings,taxiways,a road and a second runway By Anthony Sullivan. 258K
FS2002 ARA V-3 "Islas Malvinas" ficticious "Armada Argentina" aircraft carriers, with ArrestorCables data file By Ricardo Ruffa. 1.6MB

FS2002 New version of TFFR le RAIZET Update version of Scenery:le Raizet:TFFR, International Airport, Island of Guadeloupe French Caribbean. Description: This is a updated scenery of:Pointe-à-Pitre le Raizet "Pôle Caraïbes". Change: New Hangard,Bus,fire truck,Bilding, add helibase,road. New AFCAD file for the correct AI taxing, Park and if you want to see to land the AI large plane Jumbo Jet B747,B777...etc. By: Christian Delblond. 4.1MB

le RAIZET Fix version 1 and 2 Description: This is a fix for the scenery of: Pointe-à-Pitre le Raizet "Pôle Caraïbes". Some Simmers have signalled me a crash FS when they have installed scenery of the Raizet on their computers.To solve this problem,see the readme file. A great thank you to Olivier Michael. 14K

FS2002 Takhli RTAFB as it appeared in the late 1960s at the height of the Vietnam War. During those years, Takhli was the home of the USAFs 355th Tactical Fighter Wing, which flew F-105 Thunderchiefs and RB/EB-66 Destroyers. A large number of KC-135 tankers were also stationed at Takhli. In December 1970 the 355th TFW was deactivated and the airbase was closed. However, Takhli was reopened in April 1972 and served as a major base of combat operations during the Linebacker I and II campaigns. This is the sixth in a series of Vietnam War era Thai airbase models. The assistance of ?Bangkok Bob? Vaughn and other Takhli veterans in constructing this model is sincerely appreciated. Note: This scenery requires installation of the trees_v3.zip object library by Gerrish Gray. George Knowles. 1.7MB
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