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Helicopters Page 22
FS2004 Eurocopter MBB 117 Westpac. Features reflective paint work, strobe / nav lights on the "L" key and excellent rotor graphics by Brian ( Ack-Ack ) McIntyre. Pilot figures are from David Eckert originals. Some gauges are from Tamas Nemeth and Peter Nemeth's AS350. The author of these gauges has not been identified. I give due credit to that person whoever they may be. Designed by Brian Whitelegg. 15.5MB
FS2004 Schweizer 300 C (Hughes 300). Electrical Utility. Model Update by Donald Elliott Original Open source Development Kit by Jordan Moore. 3.1MB

FS2004 Sikorsky S-62 (HH62) Sea Guard Red & Sea Guard White SAR. 12.9MB
FS2004 Sud Ouest SO-1221 Djinn Swiss Air Force Textures only.Real livery to the V-23 now in display to the Swiss Air Force Museum to Dubendorf.The Djinn was the world's first production helicopter to make use of the 'cold jet' principle of propulsion.Textures only, requires original aircraft by Lasse Lindh .Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel. 482K

FS2004 Aerospatiale AS350 Sky News. Model by Tamas Nemeth and Peter Nemeth . Repaints by Josh Moody. 19.7MB

FS2004 Aerospatiale AS350 London Metropolitan Police Livery. Model by Tamas Nemeth and Peter Nemeth . Repaints by Josh Moody 2D main panel background by Batki Zoltan. . Repaints by Josh Moody. 19.6MB

FS2004 Boeing Vertol Chinook V1.1 Package. . Model, Custom Gauges : Tom Woods Textures, Airfile : Mark Adams Sound: Steve Hanley Traffic Radar, Autohover: Arne Bartels Autopilot: Antti Pankonnen. Developed from the open scource G-max files by Rory Kelly. 10.3MB
FS2004 Aerospatiale AS365N3 Swedish Ambulance Service Textures only. these textures depict the Aerospatiale AS365N3 Dauphin. Requires Aerospatiale AS365N3 Dauphin by Antti Pankkonen here. Dave Charleton/UKMil. 483K
FS2004 HH-65 B / C USCG Dolphin C. Photorealistic Panel and Virtual Cockpit & textures by Fabien VENRIES. Included are the repaint template in Photoshop 7 format. The visual model is designed entirely in GMAX. It has most of the standard FS2004 features: lights, virtual cockpit, specular lighting and animations. Original model by Antti Pankkonen. Remodelled into the Dolphin by John Devins and Keith Devins. textures by John Devins. 13.5MB
FS2004 SA.342 MG Gazelle RAF & AAC Textures only. RAF and Army Airforce Corps textures for the GMAXFLIGHT Gazelle. Repaint by Killerbunny. Requires the GMax Gazelle by Cyril Pioffet here File uploaded by : Jeroen De Keyzer. 2.2MB