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Helicopters Page 23
FS2004 Sikorsky (Westland) S-55 (Whirlwind HAR10) Sabena early & late versions. Original aircraftmodel: Marinha do Brasil - Project FAB Veteranos. Soundfile by Manuel Gonzalez and Rick Mulder. Joop van Dijk. 9.6MB
FS2004 Gmax Blue Thunder Package- Updated model for FS9, including Animated Pilots, more authentic rotor head, improved Texture mapping and rotating gun. This model was designed for use in 3d studio max and was intended for films so sorry if its not up to Fs scratch. The Aircraft is purposly nose heavy so you may notice it tilting foward. Model and Sounds by Alan Devins Textures by Brian (Ack Ack) McIntyre Updated by Keith and Jon Devins. 8MB

FS2004 Eurocopter MBB 117 2 models - EastCare, N586BH with side mounted nightsun lamp and 2. STARS, C-GBNH with belly mounted nightsun lamp. Installation is by means of a self-installer. Designed by Brian Whitelegg. 15.8MB
FS2004 Sud Ouest SO-1221 Djinn, version 2. The Djinn was the world's first production helicopter to make use of the 'cold jet' principle of propulsion. The term 'cold jet' indicates simply that compressed air from the gas turbine engine is ducted through channels inside the rotor blades and expelled through nozzles at their tips. By Lasse Lindh. 14.1MB
FS2004 Bell UH-1J Japan Ground Self Defense Force This model was built with Gmax. No VC No opening doors. It's simple, low polygon design make it ideal for AI traffic use. Visual Model by K.Furuya. 985K
FS2004 UH-1N 1st Helicopter Squadon The 89th Air Wing's 1st Helicopter Squadron uses the UH-1N for VIP and Military Staff transport in the Washington, DC area. 69-6609, "Ship 09" is represented here on this excellent update of Jordan Moore's UH-1H to a UH-1N. Original Aircraft, Textures, and Panel by Jordan Moore. UH-1N Modifications by Nate Rosenstrauch. Repaint by Chris Trott for the VUSAF. 2.2MB
FS2004 Bell 212 TwinHuey Japan Coast Guard This model was built with Gmax. No VC No opening doors. It's simple, low polygon design make it ideal for AI traffic use. Visual Model by K.Furuya. 1.1MB
FS2004 Bell OH-58A, 161 Recce Flight Australian Army textures only This is a repaint of the new Bell 206 w/o Doors (here) by Owen Hewitt. It is painted as a Bell OH-58A Kiowa from the 161 Recce Flight Australian Army. 8 OH-58A's were leased from the US Army for service with the 161 Recce Flight at Nui Dat and Vung Tau/ South Vietnam in 1971. Repaint by Jens-Ole Kjřlberg. 1.7MB
FS2004/2002 MI-8 Flightdynamics Version 1.0 this is for all those people who have downloaded the wonderful repaint Mi-8 Pakistan Army Aviation Corps (PAAC) ( - here) from Talha Siddiqi. i have change the flightdynamics to make it more realistic. You feel the weight of the helicopter in flight, be carfully. The FS settings for best results · Set the general realism to middle. · Set the joystick sensitivity to max. · Set the pedals (if you use some) sensitivity to middle. just download the package and just paste the aircraft.cfg and mi8mt.air in your mi8mt aircraft folder and overwrite (you may backup the originals). this is my first version and i hope i am not misusing any ones creation. credits to Vladimir Zhyhulskiy´s wonderful Mi-8 helicopter. A. Schneider. 5K
Fs2004 Agusta A-109 Aviación de Ejército Malvinas 1982.- Model: Gruss Markus Mayer. Repaint by Carlos Jose Lagiola. 3.1MB