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Civil Jets Page 105
FS2004 Myanmar Airways International Airbus 380-800 High quality Gmax model of the Airbus A380-800, the world’s largest passenger jet. The model includes all the usual things as a steering nosewheel, taxi and landing lights, dynamics shine and all moving parts, including a fully animated landing gear animation. Some special things include three opening doors, with visible interior. Flexing wings, wing views and trim animation for the horizontal stabilisers. With much love to the details has arisen the reflective texture in Myanmar Airways International Colors. Please turn on reflections. Model by Robert Versluys, Texture by Robby Pauletto. 2MB
FS2004 Boeing 737-300 in America West Textures only. . This is a repaint of the FFX?Eric Cantu Boeing 737-300 (733) (required, here) by. Repaint by Andy Nott of Anglo-Virtual Aviation. 2.2MB
FS2004 Boeing 757-200 Transmeridian Airlines Textures only. This is a repaint of the Boeing 757 (required here) by Mike Stone. Repaint by Andy Nott of Anglo-Virtual Aviation. 232K
FS2004 NASA VC-11A "944NA" Textures only! This is a repaint of Henry Tomkiewicz's Gulfstream II (required here). The model has been made flyable, but is intended for AI, as is this repaint. NASA operates the Gulfstream II as a VIP transport and also to transport non-pilot astronauts between Houston and the Cape. This repaint is based on photos from "". This is an "AI" model and repaint, so it is low resolution. Ken Austin. 319K

FS2004 Learjet 25D v1.0 Package. This Learjet 25D is my third Creation with FSDS v2.0, it's include all moving parts, reflective textures and Virtual cockpit. there is two varitaions! one civilian and an the other one C-21 form USAF. this aircraft was designed with FSDS, Photoshop, Panelstudio. Y.KOUN. 14.3MB Filename:
FS2004 BAC One-Eleven 304 K.L.M. Textures only. Almost forgotten was this One-Eleven 304AX that served briefly with KLM. Operated on lease from British Eagle it was used to cover for DC 9 deliveries. Requires the BAC One-Eleven 400 model by David Maltby here. Repaint Garry Russell. 564K
FS2004 BAC One-Eleven 510 SABENA Textures only. During the mid nineties SABENA was using a number of leased BAC One-Eleven 500 aircraft sourced from British World and European. This machine, a series 51OED was one of the European fleet originally built for BEA. Requires the BAC One-Eleven 510HK model by David Maltby here: Repaint Garry Russell. 565K
FS2004 Lockheed L-1011-385-1 Tristar Cathay Pacific Airways Textures only. This is a semi-photoreal repaint in Cathay Pacific Airways livery for Mike Stone's lovely L-1011 Tristar model, required (here). . The Tristar was the mainstay of Cathay's regional fleet in Asia during the 70s and 80s, together with the Boeing 747 for longer hauls. By Mark Beaumont. 2.3MB
FS2004 Boeing 757-200 Air Scotland Textures only. Requires any Project Opensky full 757-200 model (one here). Repaint by Dave Charlton. 4.6MB
FS2004 TU-144 Trans Load Airlines Package. Soviet TU144 supersonic passenger aircraft. First flight in 1968, two months before the western Concorde. Also known as "Concordski" or "Charger". Faster than the Concorde, but less range. Today all Aircrafts grounded. Some of them are on display in Russia, Self installing executable file. Developed by Thomas Ruth and painted by Garry Smith model includes 2 seperate liveies.Plane has an extreme panel makeover done by GArry Smith its a one of a kind. 20.5MB