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Civil Jets Page 96
FS2004 BAC One-Eleven 401 Brymon European Textures only. Operating from Birmingham with a small fleet of 1-11-400's and a solitary 500 BA owned Brymon European soon found itself merged back into the main operation Requires the BAC One-Eleven 400HK model by David Maltby here : Repaint Garry Russell. 568K
FS2004 USCG VC-11A "Coast Guard 01" This is a repaint of Henry Tomkiewicz's Gulfstream II. The USCG began operating the VC-11A in 1965 to replace the prop driven VC-4A, until it was replaced in 1983 by the Gulfstream III. Repaint by the VUSCG's Carlos Armenteros. Ray Brower. 710K
FS2004 US Coast Guard VC-4A Acadame Actual aircraft is Mike Stone's Saab-340 Freighter. The 340 is used because it closely resembles the VC-4A, and unfortunately, no one has made a Gulfstream I since FS5. The VC-4A served until recently in Florida (District 7) as VIP transport, but due to increased use of the VC-37 by the DOT for Secretary Ridge, the VC-4 was re-stationed back in Washington DC. Repaint by the VUSCG's Carlos Armenteros. 1.3MB
FS2004 BAC One-Eleven 479 Air Pacific Textures only. 1979 Formed as Fiji Airways in July 1951 the airline was named Air Pacific in 1971. The following year BAC 1-11's led the airline into the Jet age. This one, type 479FU DQ-FBV is seen in the 1979 livery. Delivered in August 1973 it went on to become ZE432 with the Royal Aircraft Establishment. Requires the BAC One-Eleven 475 model by David Maltby here . Repaint Garry Russell. 757K
FS2004/FS2002 Boeing 757-200 Northwest Textures only, including special 50 years logo. This is a repaint of the B757 (required, here) by Mike Stone. Repaint by Andy Nott. 253K
FS2004/ FS2002 Boeing 747-200 SAS (Scandinavian) Textures Only. Shows one of the older SAS Schemes. Requires any full POSKY 747-200 PW (2 here) . Repaint by Andy Nott. 1.8MB
FS2004 Antonov Airlines AN-124-100, UR-82072 This is an improvement on Tomasz Elantkowski's repaint for Antonov Airlines' AN-124-100 tail number UR-82072. The improvements include: 1. Better company information, including email address, and company logo. 2. Better looking Tail number at rear of fuselage. 3. Improved and better looking company information on the underside of the nose. 4. Added missing "Stage III" logos on the engines. 5. Replaced the tail texture with the original. 5. Included painted wing with aircraft number. 6. And International Red Cross logo (on selected model). Requires the An-124 by Thomas Ruth (here) . Ray Brower. 5.6MB
FS2004 BAC One-Eleven 400 Demonstator Textures only. Second BAC One-Eleven 400 built acted as a demonstator in its early days. January 29th 1966 saw it at the opening of Auckland International Airport taking part in what was one of New Zealands largest air displays. It was on demonstration to NZNAC which unfortunatly for BAC bought Boeing 737's. It was soon sold as an executive jet. Requires the BAC One-Eleven 400 model by David Maltby (here) . Repaint Garry Russell. 609K
FS2004/2002 BAC 1-11 500 London TAP (Air Portugal) Textures only. This is a repaint of the 1-11 500 With Hush Kits (required, here) by David Maltby. Repaint by Andy Nott. 811K
FS2004/2002 BAC 1-11 500 London European Textures only. This is a repaint of the 1-11 500 With Hush Kits (required, here) by David Maltby. Repaint by Andy Nott. 860K