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Civil Jets Page 171
FS2004 Project Open Sky Boeing E-4A, 57-0125. Essentially a militarized Boeing 747, the NEACP aircraft commonly known as the Doomsday Plane" is a state of the art battlefield communications center and airborne command post. Such enhancements include sattelite communication, advanced radars, in flight refuling, and EMP hardening. Note: all E-4A aircraft have since been converted to E-4B status with the addition of several new antanne along the aircraft as well as a SHF doghouse installation, the distinctive double hump as most people call it. Model by Project Open Sky, repaint by Jordan Claus. 2.9MB

FS2004 Alrot's Boeing 727-200 Package. - this Boeing 727 package comes in "Air Canada 1982" and Delta liveries. Included is a virtual cockpit (VC) along with a very special co-pilot - she is animated! Created in GMax by Alejandro Rojas. 17.5MB Filename:

Update & new Lufthansa livery: Update to improve model file. 5.8MB

FS2004 Boeing 727-200 Pan Am Textures only for Alejandro Rojas ALROT's 727-200 Package (above). By Alejandro Rojas. 2.8MB
FS2004 Boeing 757-200 American Airlines. Repaint by Francis F. Silva. GMAX model by Mike Stone. 1.6MB
FS2004 Boeing 737-400 Agulila Del Sur Airlines "Eagle of the South" Textures only for the default FS2004 Boeing 737-400. Keni Factor. 1.7MB
FS2004 MD-83 Aeroflot Textures only. Requires full SGA MD-83 (here). Repaint by James MacCalman 1MB
FS2004 Hawker Siddeley Trident 2E British Airways (Landor livery) Textures only. A repaint of David Malby's excellent HS Trident 2E (required here) in British Airways' Landor livery of the late 1980s and 1990s. G-AVFG was the first aircraft to wear this livery although it never flew in this scheme. It was used for ground training and latterly fire training at London Heathrow until 2000. The forward fuselage survives as a fire trainer at Manchester Airport. By Toby Vickers. 1.9MB
FS2004 / FS2002 Boeing 757-204 Thomsonfly G-BYAP Full Package. This is a repaint of the Boeing 757-200 By Project Open Sky (full working flight model with Virtual cockpit (VC included in this package). Textures by Ben Hartmann. 13.6MB

FS2004 TinMouse II Boeing 737-200 Package with JT8D-17R engines. This version has all patches added. This is a continuation of the original TinMouse project. Additions include a fully functional overhead panel and most aircraft systems now modelled, a suite of Gmax models including hush kit, gravel kit and cargo versions, new flight dynamics, and a complete sound set. The panel incorporates direct integration of the CIVA Delco INS unit (not required, CIVA140.ZIP) and SquawkBox 3. Requires FSUIPC (freeware key integrated into the panel). By Richard Probst, Bob Scott, Terry Gaff, Gustavo Rodrigues and Christoffer Petersen. 61.5MB
FS2004 A320 'Jackson Airways' (ficticious) Textures only. Requires the full IFDG A-320 here (any will be OK). 3.1MB