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Civil Jets Page 82
FS2004 Dominicana Boeing 727-200. This is a repaint of vistaliners Boeing 727-200adv in the colors of Dominicana de aviacion. Model Erick Cantu, FDE Frasier Turner, night textures by Jim Campisi. Airline texture by Henry William. 4.7MB
FS2004 Air Canada (New colours) Boeing 757-200. This Boeing 757-200 has been painted with the new Air Canada scheme. Even if the company don't own any 757, I've carefully painted the scheme as precise as I could. The quality of the work is almost as good as “photo real” paint. I've re-mastered almost the whole aircraft except the interior cabin, cargo bay and part of the wings. All the rest of the plane, I mean: the exterior day and night textures and also the entire alpha effect are brand new. Equipped with Rolls Royce engines as Air Canada usually equip most of their aircrafts fleet. Model by Porject Opensky repaint by Samy Fay. 11.4MB

FS2004 Bombardier/Canadair CRJ900-ER Factory Demonstrator Livery. An 86 seat, Twin Turbo Fan Regional Airliner in Factory Demonstrator Livery, Reg_ID: C-FRJX and the America West Express, Reg# N906FJ. An FSDS 2.24 Design with 2D Panel, Dynamic VC and Night Effects. Now includes a 2nd model with a choice of using the GPWS or not and adding an invisible altimeter setting knob. Also has Passenger Wing Views. Full Animation Featuring Operating Airstair, Thrust Reverser, Leading Edge Slats, steerable Nose Wheel, HTML Check & Reference Lists, Custom Sound, a Panel_Docs_Help folder and more. View the readme first.txt in the zip file for complete install instructions. Special Thanks to Nick Linehan, Mesa Group CRJ700 / 900 Pilot for his assistance in this project. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design. 13.6MB

Update: Bombardier/Canadair CRJ900-ER Strobe Light Update and Brake Strength Update for the file. By Barry Blaisdell - Premier Aircraft Design. 7K

FS2002 / FS2004 Lockheed L1011 - RAF Tristars Textures only. ZD951 is White, and Desert colours. This is a repaint of the L1011 here , required, by Mike Stone. Repaint by Andy Nott. 250K
FS2004 IFC-TU144 - Aircraft and Three Liveries Package. Aircraft: An outstanding rendition of the Russian TU144, with increadibly animations in the 2D cockpit. Package includes Aircraft, great sound files,excellent 2D Panel, Two IFC Textures and a HolidayZone livery (just for fun). These aircraft texture were created on behalf of the International FlightSim Convention (IFC) which will be held in Blackpool UK in July 2005. Aircraft by Thomas Ruth Cladio Mussner and Team, Textures by Garry J. Smith ( - Thomas Ruth, Claudio Mussner and team Textures - Garry J. Smith. 20.7MB
FS2004 TU144 - Transload Virtual Airlines Textures only Requires Aircraft by Thomas Ruth, Claudio Mussner and team (above) Textures - Garry J. Smith Aircraft: - An outstanding rendition of the Russian TU144, with incredible animations in the 2D cockpit done by Thomas Ruth and his team of excellent aircraft developers. 2.8MB
FS2004/2002 Embraer ERJ-170 in fictional Dreamliner style colours - textures only. This is a repaint of the ERJ 170 by Dreamwings (required here). Repaint by Andy Nott of Anglo-Virtual Aviation. 3MB
FS2004 Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum Jetstar C-FDTF Repaint for Historic Jetliners Group Lockheed L1329 Jetstar I for Flight Simulator 2004 DXT3 textures non-mipmapped. Repaint for HJG Lockheed Jetstar 1 in the colours of Transport Canada. This jet is on display at the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum Halifax(CYHZ), Nova Scotia. Repaint in DXT3 by Tim Staples using DTXBMP and FS Repaint, all other files by HJG. 913K