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Civil Jets Page 83
FS2004 BAC One-Eleven 523 British Midland delivery Textures only. The second of three BAC One-Elevens delivered to BMA at the beginning of the seventies, their stay with the airline was not to span many years. A change in policy saw BMA dropping Inclusive Tours, selling the One-Elevens and concentrating on sheduled services mainly with Viscounts and long haul work with Boeing 707's. The type was reintroduced in the mid eighties with two ex Airways Cyrmu Srs.300's one of which wore BMA livery. Requires the BAC One-Eleven 500 model by David Maltby\ Repaint Garry Russell. 647K
FS2004 BAC One-Eleven 408 Cambrian/British Air Services Textures only. One of four One-Elevens operated by Cambrian. Three Srs.416 aircraft came from Autair as that airline became Court line and this one, G-AVGP a Srs.408 originally built for Channel Airways. It is shown in the original BAS/Cambrian livery worn at the time. All four passed to British Airways.Requires the BAC One-Eleven 400 model by David Maltby \ Repaint Garry Russell. 659K
FS2004 SGA DC10 Northwest Airlines New Colors. In the tradition and spirit of excelling with Flight Simulator Add-ons, SGA is proud to offer an update to the DC10-30 aircraft, taking advantage of all the latest features that “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight” has to offer. In this package you will find a newly compiled model, offering our new “Dynamic Flexing Wings”, which are affected by the current phase of flight and atmospheric conditions. This means you will see our wings flex up during takeoff, flex up and down when encountering turbulence in-flight, and if you decide to land the aircraft hard, watch the wings bounce! 6.5MB
FS2004 JAT Yugoslav Airlines DC-9-30 YU-AJM. Model is by SGA, textures by Slobodan Cvijanovic. 1.5MB
FS2004 Atlantic Virtual Airlines Xmas Edition Boeing 747-400 Textures only. This repaint is for Atlantic Aviation Virtual Airlines (AAVA) with a xmas theme. This is the Version #2 747-400 model by Meljet (any full version required - here). Some of the features of this model are reflective textures, animated control surfaces, animated thrust reversers, opening exits,and cargo holds. Repaint by Tom Dennis. 2MB
FS2004 Atlantic Virtual Airlines 737-800 Textures only. This is a repaint of the FFX/SGA 737-800 with Winglets Model - - full model here. . It features realistic flight dynamics, night lighting, full moving parts, dynamic shine and a host of other features. The file was repainted for Atlantic Aviation Virtual Airlines (AAVA) in the Anniversary colors. Repaint by Tom Dennis. 3.9MB
FS2004 Gmax Eclipse 500 Package Version 3. This replaces all previous versions as the panel and gauges have been totally redone as well as other updates to the model . A Commercial Twin Jet engine Aircraft. The Eclipse carries a Flight Crew of 2 with 4 to 6 passengers. Full Virtual Clickable Cockpit with working Passenger Exit. Custom Gauges and Reflective Specular Textures. Animated pilot,Spoilers,Gear, etc. Tim Stevens/Fuel Labs. 21MB
FS2004 Olympic Airlines Boeing 737-400 Texures only. SX-BKI in white belly livery with Santa Claus sticker. Original model by FFX/SGA (any full FFX/SGA 737-400 will do - many on this site). The file contains only the textures, so you also need the model. Model by: FFX/SGA Texture by: Kotsios Stamatis. 2.2MB
FS2004 Default B747 - "Merry Christmas" Textures. . May work in FS2002, Textures Only. A festive Jumbo for FS2004! By Andy Nott of Anglo-Virtual Aviation UK. 1MB
FS2004/2002 MelJet Boeing 777-200 US Trans Air (Fictional). Original model by Mel Rafi. 2.3MB