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Military Page 117
FS2004 T-38 Talon / F-5 USAF Matte Black. This is a repaint of FSD International’s T-38 Talon / F-5. painted in a Matte Black Finish .. This F-5 is designed for the Night Shift . Aircraft is entitled " Shadow Talon " Textures by Mark Rooks. 5MB
FS2004 F-100D Super Saber USAF Dark Shadow. This is a repaint of Kazunori Ito’s F-100D Super Saber for Flight Simulator 2004 .. Fictional paint scheme entitled Dark Saber for those men in the AIR FORCE who fly the night shift ... Textures Created by Mark Rooks. 6.4MB
FS2004 C-5A Galaxy 779th MAS Textures set. Four repaints for the Mike Stone freeware C-5 Galaxy. The repaints are individually tail numbered with aircrew nickname above the crew door. The 779th MAS is a virtual squadron flying the C-5A and C-5B exclusively. Requires the Mike Stone C-5 here. Repaints by Ron Rhea. 664K
FS2004 BAe Hawk T Mk 1 Tigermeet Textures only. Requires the DSB BAe Hawk T Mk 1 here. Tigermeet Repaint By Laurence Hammond. 2.5MB
FS2004 Dornier 328 Red Knight Fictional Military Textures only- Requires the original Do328 by Mike Stone (here). V1.0 Kenneth Factor. 906K
FS 2004 F-86F EJercito del Aire. Patrulla Ascua Textures only. aircraft from Kirk Olsson SABREJET.ZIP required here. Textures for an C.5 aircraft belonging to the Patrulla Ascua in their final livery (Ejercito del Aire). Repainted by Jose A. Arruga. 5.1MB
FS2004 F-8E Crusader Update 2. This is the second update of the Alphasim F-8E Crusader (required here). I have redone the flight dynamics, corrected the contact points where necessary, changed the burner effect, and altered the panel slightly. You need my previous update for this to work. Don't confuse it with the RF-8A that I also just uploaded. Bob Chicilo. 53K
FS2004 RF-8A Crusader USN. This is an update of the RF-8A Crusader by Alphasim. I have updated the flight dynamics, added smoke and afterburner effects, and a panel. Bob Chicilo. 2.6MB
FS2004 BAe Hawk T.Mk1 A Night Hawk. Original by Owen Hewitt & Mikko Maliniemi Night Hawk Textures Created by Mark "fire Ball" Rooks. 3.8MB

FS2004 F-84F Italian Air Force. The model features highly reflective metallic skin and the usual moving parts, such as all flight controls, spinning wheels and so on. The panel background has been created entirely from scratch, based on photographic material found in the net. The most part of the gauges have been created by the authors. Included in this model there is also a very simple Virtual Cockpit, with working essential gauges and animated flight controls. Capt. I. D'Attomo Capt. G.Quai. 3.4MB