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FS2004 Iris Tornado Package V4. In 2003 DSB Design released to the freeware community, the Tornado GR.4. It was a huge success and to this day remains a firm favourite with fast jet fans worldwide. IRIS Flight Simulation Software has taken the core of the DSB Tornado and improved on it tenfold. We have added a long awaited interactive Virtual Cockpit, we have also included an awesome soundset by our resident sound guru Christoffer Petersen and provided a custom panel based on the RAF Tornado GR.4. Note: Gauges are not compatible with FSX. The aircraft will show but with missing gauges. Not supported. 73MB

FS2004 Iris YF-22A Raptor Package. The YF-22A Raptor Product comes with a total of eight high quality textures covering some of todays leading U.S. Air Force squadrons, such as the 'Fighting Eagles' at Langley AFB and the 'Black Widows' at Luke AFB. Virtual cockpit included. The F-22 Raptor will become the replacement for the F-15 Eagle air-superiority fighter. It combines a stealth design with highly maneuverable, supersonic (supercruise) speed, with air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities. Not supported 10.7MB
FS2004 Iris A-7 Corsair II 158825 Clean Tiger Textures only. repaint of the IRIS Simulation's Freeware A-7 including two textures for the Hellenic Air Force. A standard SEA paint and the special Tiger paint. Textures only- repaint by Sebastian Hecker. Download the the base aircraft from here:. 2.7MB
FS2004 C-119 Boxcar Update. This is an update for FS 9 of the C-119 Boxcar by Mike Stone (here). I have added the rest of the wheels, updated the flight dynamics, added toggle icons to the panel, changed the GPS, and changed the view angle to make it easier to see to land. Bob Chicilo. 81K
FS2004 YF-22 Raptor Mobius 1 Textures only. A Repaint of the Iris YF-22 (required above)in the colours of Mobious 1 from the Ace Combat Series. By Jon Rose. 1.3MB
FS2004 USAF KC-30A Textures only. Northrop Grumman/Airbus KC-30A Advanced Multi-Role Tanker Transport. The Northrop Grumman KC-30 is based on the highly successful A330-200 airliner, and is a derivative of the tanker/transport aircraft already selected for service in the air forces of Australia and the United Kingdom. The KC-30 provides a total air mobility solution – with exceptional capacity for in-flight refueling, plus full flexibility in cargo delivery, passenger transport, aeromedical evacuation, and other missions. Base Aircraft: POSKY Airbus A330-200 (required here) Repaint by Ryan Pearce. 3.8MB
FS2004 CASA/EADS CN235 Textures only. Light Transport aircraft used by many nations around the world including the Ejercito del Aire. Textures only. Original CN-235 aircraft by Rancho_JEN required here, repaint by Justyn "Planejunky" Keeble. 617K
FS2004 B-2A Bomber Update. This is an update for FS 9 of the B-2A Bomber Package by RUGGERO OSTO (here). I have updated the flight dynamics, put in all the wheels, and changed the view angle slightly to better see over the nose.Bob Chicilo. 28K
FS2004 Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing V2. Thanks for downloading version 2 of my YB49 Flying wing This Aircraft is very similar to my YRB-49 model, but has a different engine layout (The YB has eight engines in the wing) and also a canopy on the rear fuselage. Both the YRB and YB aircraft were included in a single file on version 1, however version 2 is more complex so i have separated them into 2 separate files to keep the file size down. Panel is same as Version 1 had, but with the addition of a digital trim gauge, all the other Gauges are either standard FS2004 or P51D gauges from CFS (included in the file). J Higgs. 2.6MB
FS2004 S-3B Viking Package. The S-3B Viking provides multimission support to battle group and joint commanders in the antisurface, antisubmarine, electronic surveillance, overland strike support, mine warfare, and aerial refueling roles. The ES-3A Shadow is carrier aviation's principal signals intelligence (SIGINT) reconnaissance aircraft. This electronic reconnaissance aircraft supports all facets of Navy, Marine Corps, and joint operations. As one of carrier aviation's newest additions, the ES-3A has already demonstrated tremendous reliability and safety, as well as a robust mission capability. Note: Gauges are not compatible with FSX. The aircraft will show but with missing gauges. Ex payware from Not supported. By Iris with sounds by Aaron Swindle. 17.9MB