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Military Page 85
FS2004 F-16 Viper Belgian Airforce 1 SQN Stingers Textures only. Requires Kirk Olsson's F-16 Viper here Textures by Dave Charleton. 3.8MB
FS2004 F-16 Danish Airforce 2005 Display Textures only. Requires Kirk Olsson's F-16 Viper here Textures by Dave Charelton. 3.8MB
FS2004 Boeing 707-338C RAAF 33 Sqn. This is the Boeing 707-338C in Royal Australian Air Force 33th Squadron low visibility paintscheme. The 707's were introduced in the RAAF in 1978. Initially they were used for VIP, troop and cargo transport. In the late 80's they were converted to allow Air to Air Refuelling. By the end of the decade they are to be replaced by five Airbus A330-200MRTT Tankers. Model by the Historic Jetliners Group. FSDS Design: Gary Carlson, Flight Model: Michael Verlin, Master textures and Night Lighting: Yannick Charland RAAF repaint by Jeroen "killerbunny" De Keyzer. 2.6MB
FS2004 Lockheed F80 Italian Air Force. The Shooting Star was the first USAF aircraft to exceed 500 mph in level flight, the first American jet airplane to be manufactured in large quantities and the first USAF jet to be used in combat. FSDS model & Textures by Italo D'Attomo. Flight Dynamics by Bruce Thorson. 2.3MB
Northrop T-38 Aircraft.cfg Reference. Add this to your acft.cfg in youur t38 file area if you have multiple simulators like FSD has it will need to be added to each one, I compiled this from information I found on the web pretty much copy and paste I'm not the original author but I did modify it to work with fs2004. FSD T-38 here. 204K
FS2004 Eurofighter Typhoon RAF17 & 29 Sqn Textures only. Requires the freeware AFS Eurofighter Typhoon here or Payware version here. Textures by UK MIL. 600K
FS2004 BAE Hawk 128 Indonesian Air Force Textures only(corrected). Requires the DSB Hawk here. Textures by Dave Charleton. 1.5MB
FS2004 - Stealth B2 Spirit full package 3.0 Stealth B2 full package 3.0 for fs9. New accurate GMAX Model full moving parts, Dynamic Shine Effects and Reflective textures. Landing Light and Lighting Effects. Accurate Sound. Visually realistic panel included 3 multi function display, 18 working monitor switches, switchable GPWS, fictional meteo radar, fuel computer, help on-line and much more. Specific Fs2004 flight dynamics. By Ruggero Osto. 7.9MB
FS2004 T 37 Polished Chrome. This is a repaint of FSDS’s Rey Lopez FS2004 T 37. . I modified the alpha channel to create a highly polished surface. Includes sounds by Aaron Swindle. Textures By Mark Rooks. 10.3MB
FS2004 Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II Armed. Literally a plane built around a gun. The 30mm Gau-8 Avenger gattling gun puts out 70 rounds a second. Combined with up to 15,000 pounds of ordinance, the Warthog, as it is known, packs a punch like none other. This is the anarmed clean version. By Mike Stone. 873K