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Military Page 86
FS2004 Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II Clean. Literally a plane built around a gun. The 30mm Gau-8 Avenger gattling gun puts out 70 rounds a second. Combined with up to 15,000 pounds of ordinance, the Warthog, as it is known, packs a punch like none other. This is the fully armed version. By Mike Stone. 797K
FS2004 Second update for Tim Conrad's T-33A (here). I have made it harder to overstress the aircraft without increasing its ability to withstand g-forces. It now won't overspeed at low altitude, and I increased the pitch trim. This update has everything the first one does so you don't need the first one if you don't have it. Bob Chicilo. 100K
FS2004 F-104 Belgian Air Force Textures only. Requires the original Kazunori Ito F104 here. By UKMil. 286K
FS2004 Tornado GR1 RAF Desert Storm Textures only. Requires the DSB Tornado here. By UKMil. 2.7MB

FS2004 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III McChord AFB's Aircraft 00-172. The best Freeware C-17 I have found. Model creator is Mike Stone. Repaint in McChord AFB's Aircraft 00-172 "The Spirit of the Cascades" 1.7MB
FS2004/2002 Argentinean Navy Aermachi MB326GB (2005). A few are still in service nowadays, mainly as transition jet trainer (from the Mentor to the Super Etendart).Textures by Damian Radice.. Original by Björn Büchner. 3.1MB
FS2004/2002 EE Lightning F.Mk.1A 111 Squadron Textures only. 111 Squadron operated several marks of the Lightning throughout the 1960's. This is a repaint of the Lightning (here) required, not included By Kazunori Ito. Repaint by Ben Hartmann of Hartmann Virtual Aviation UK. 1.1MB
FS2004 V22-Osprey Update. Description: This is an update for the V22-Osprey originally by Vlad Zhyhulskiy and modified for FS2004 by Yahia al-Wajid (here). I have put in all the wheels, corrected the eye point, changed the two forward float points, corrected a scrape point and added one, updated the flight dynamics, added a digital trim gauge, and deleted the two extra air files. Bob Chicilo. 190K
FS2004 Team KBT PC-3 Orion 42 Sqn RAF Textures only. Requires the Team KBT Orion here. Textures by UKMil. 6.1MB
FS2004 Team KBT PC-3 Orion 201 Sqn RAF Textures only. Requires the Team KBT Orion here. Textures by UKMil. 5.8MB