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Military Page 146
FS2004, SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1A 6 Sqn. Textures Only. You will require the SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1A by Kazunori Ito to use this repaint (here). Produced by Chris Ginet of AGN Textures. 512K
FS2004 Boeing 767-300 RAF 101 Squadron Textures only. A Repaint of the Project Opensky 767-300 Rolls Royce (required here)in the colours of RAF 101 Squadron. By Jon Rose. of UKMIL. 5.8MB
FS2004 BAE Harrier T4a VAAC. This is the two seat T4 version of the BAW Harrier. It comes in the Quintec Ripple colours. Under the hood of the latest Harrier is a revolutionary new system called vectored-thrust aircraft advanced flight control (VAAC). Designed by QinetiQ's predecessor, DERA, with funding from the US-UK Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Office, VAAC uses advanced "fly by wire" technology to turn over many of the Harrier's flight characteristics to computers. This makes the aircraft much simpler to fly and enables engineers to fine-tune it quickly for improved handling, based on pilot feedback between sorties. It also provides valuable data for use in flight simulators. aircraft is by UKMILM att Baker and Matthew Ivey Textures are by UKMIL David Ulke. 2.5MB
FS2004 F-16C Fighting Falcon Turkish Air Force 'Tiger Meet 2005' Textures only. This Texture is for the Turkish Air Force (TuAF) F-16C Fighting Falcon 'Tiger Meet 2005' Scheme. Original Aircraft is the Kirk Olsson Viper here. Repaint TEXTURES by Jason Sparkes of UKMIL. 1.5MB
FS2004/2002 USAF KC-135E Stratotanker 141st ARW/New Jersey ANG 'Tiger' Markings c.1997 Textures only. This Texture is for the USAF KC-135E Stratotanker of the 141st Air Refueling Wing, New Jersey Air National Guard 'Tiger' Markings c.1997 Original Aircraft is the Freeware Fs2002/Fs2004 KC-135E v1 by Rok Dolenec (required here). Repaint y Jason Sparkes of UKMIL. 465K
FS2004 Hawker Hunter RAF WT694 Textures only. A Repaint of Dave Garwood's Hawker Hunter Package (Required here) in the colours of The RAF Central Fighter Establishment in 1957. By Jon Rose. 1.3MB
FS2004 Boeing E3-D AWACS RAF This full package will install the UK version of the E3 Awacs. It was converted from the original gmax source from Rok Dolenec. This conversion adds many of the UK versions extras, but the main enhancement is the ROTATING RADOME feature. The dome will rotate contstantly, and is also visable when flying online, so it makes a great experience when flying online with your friends. This pack includes panel, and sounds. Updated by UKMil. 16.4MB
FS2004 Leduc 022 Package. The Leduc 022 was designed in France in the early fifties. The particularly weird design of this aircraft was intended to validate the concept of a jet fighter powered by a statojet engine, using a standard turbojet only for take off and climbing. Unfortunately, the program was stopped after only a couple of prototypes ... The model has full moving parts and an original custom 2D panel (an original bitmap by me). No VC. Designed by Pat Grange. 9.3MB
FS2004 BAC Strike Master T60 Equador Textures only. Aircraft is based on the Jet Provost by Rick Piper (required here) Textures are by UKMIL. 1.8MB