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Misc Page 11
FS2004 ISA Whitestar - Sci Fi model of the Whitestar warship from the hit TV show Babylon 5. This vessel is the principle warship of the Interstellar Alliance This model is for FS2004, but should work in FS2002. by Matthew T. Stapleton. 482K
FS2004 Cruise ship Asuka by Mitsuya "Hama" Hamaguchi. Now you may sail the seven seas in FS2004 with your own passenger cruise ship. Complete with new smoke, raise and lower anchors, and wake effects files, sound and panel. Mitsuya Hamaguchi. 1.6MB
RAF Leeming V2 Preview (& Celebration!) Video - Scenery by Brittair Video by Birdman | 18th April 2005 A fun short video of Brittair's super new RAF Leeming V2 scenery. Featuring the DSB design Hawk & a few snippets of multiplayer action! I would like to thank Shamrock, who makes all of this possible & for the great fun we have flying online formations in hawks, spitfires & hurricanes. 10.3MB
FS2004 : A short video of the Aerial Foundry's excellent F/A-18s. Jeff Guo Merlin. 20.3MB
FS2004 - River Barges (Sail/Fly Version) These Barges were been made for the upcoming release of the "Freeflow Florida Scenery Project" ( I have included two versions of the River Barges all with detailed textures and effects. Also included are AI Versions for both Models. Ian Thatcher. 6.4MB
FS2004 F-18 Back Seat Video. A Short Video of a flight, in FS2004, from the back seat of the Aerial Foundary C.A.F. F18. Music by Queen, captured on FRAPS, flown and edited by eno/Andy. 29.8MB
FS2004 Video of FSae F-117A Nighthawk Stealth v1.0. The video was made with a beta version of the aircraft. You may not notice the errors but as the author, I do. However, the finished aircraft has been 'tidied up' and is OK. The wing vapour and contrails have been much improved, smoke added at touchdown and the gauge movements in the VC view are the result of the 'filming' techniques. They're smooth in the real thing using only 2 VCockpit sections. The video was made by a good friend of mine, Ali Mujtaba who has a particular talent for this type of thing. I hope you enjoy the video, and be sure to turn the sound up. To obtain this aircraft, come on over to our new site at where we have a lot of other stuff as well. If you like or have any comments about the video, please leave a message on our forum. See you there. Enjoy the Vid. Nick Pike. 16.3MB
FS2004/FS2002 Engine Exhaust System. Heat and shimmer turbofan and turbojet engine exhaust effects, auto-operated at idle and at full throttle. Easy installation for all common freeware passenger airliners - listing included. By Martyn Becker. 138K
FS2004 Video - "Fire Chariots" Featuring the Realair Simulations Spitfire MKXIV. A video made in FS2004 using FRAPS and Windows Moviemaker. Features the Realair Simulations Spitfire MKXIV. Created by eno/Andy. 23MB
FS2004 Video: End of World War II 60th Anniversary - I have put together a very large video featuring too many WW II aircraft to mention here. Due to the size of the full video, I have broken it down into 4 parts: Intro, Luftwaffe Aircraft, Bomber Command and Fighter Command. This video is the Intro and contains "teaser" footage of the other 3 parts. I will try to condense the larger segments into a manageable size for future posting. Made with FRAPS and Window's Movie Maker. Submitted by Jerry E. Long (Col. USAF, Ret.). 24MB