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FS2004 Video: Fly Past Tribute - End of World War II 60th Anniversary - Features The Aeroplane Heaven's trio with Spitfire, Hurricane and Bf-109. Made with FRAPS and Window's Movie Maker. Submitted by Jerry E. Long (Col. USAF, Ret.). 13.5MB

FS200x - T-65AC4 X-Wing and Panel Package A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... The Star Wars T-65AC4 X-Wing. Undoubtedly the most popular ship in the Star Wars saga, the X-Wing played a vital role in the defeat of the Empire. This package contains the X-Wing "Red 5" model adjusted to the T-65AC4 specs and a (somewhat) photo-realistic panel (T-65 X-Wing Panel v.2.0) Thomas B. Beard. 2.3MB

FS2004/2002 1951 VW Beetle. Model works properly in FS2004 and FS2002. This is a Volkswagen from 1951, called splitwindow because of the splitted rearwindow. It comes up with two versions: The European version, painted in light green with numberplates from Germany (ABG = Altenburger Land). The American version in friendly light blue with numberplates from Washington State. Other numberplates can be found in texture.alaska, texture.california, texture.florida, texture.NY, texture.texas. Rainer Girbig. 5.5MB
FS2004 Video: Weapons of War. . I hope you all enjoy this movie. It is my second FS movie. I want to make a few things about this movie clear: 1. This started off as a short demo movie for Kirk Olsson's new F-16D, but evolved into much more. I had been shooting for a Memorial Day release, but unforunately, that never happened. 2. I do not want anyone to think this movie has any political standing. Politics, and the so-called "War on Terror" is a big topic nowadays. This movie does not have a standing on any of these. It was merely having fun with US military aircraft that are fighting in today's conflicts. David Needham. 33.8MB

FS2004 Enzo Ferrari Beta Version. This is a test version of the Enzo Ferrari for Flight Simulator 2004. This addon has NOT been tested for FS2k2. It contains the basic components for a beta version which now includes a 2-D panel, light effects, animations, and organized textures. For more information, see "Read Me" file. Jessy Corrales. 11.1MB
FS2004 Animal Simulation..Fly a flock of geese,a bald eagle or sail a killer whale on the sea.. All files are as if you were to fly a plane in flight simulator..included are a few save flights to put you on the scene..see SETUP. Ron Jeffers. 10MB
FS2004 Australian IVAO Promo Video. This is a video created for the Australian division of the IVAO network to promote there new S.A.R tour and what is available to those that want to get more out of flying then just going from A to B because it seemed like a good idea at the time. MPG Format. 30.6MB
FS2004 F-14 Tour Video- From a carrier takeoff to a sunset tour of London inbetween the spikes of the Dome and under Tower Bridge before a carrier landing, this short video set to the music of U2; Belinda Carlsile; Daniel Powter; and The Clash is an adrenaline rush worth the small download. Tom Mortimer. 1.5MB
FS2004/2002 New Psychedelic smoke for the Extra 300s. 10 different smoke trails so they are combined together and produce a giant smoke trail. By Chris Trotter. 36K
FS2004 Satellite. Fly a satellite in FS9 at breakneck speed..The default effects and zoom of FS9 actually make space scenery possible..I set this object to move fast and with practicly no you can fly it up high in FS9.. A flight is included-up in space (where it looks slow) but you can take it off from your favorite airport also.. but hang on..on the ground ain't the same speed as it is up in space. Ron Jeffers. 700K
FS2004 Kirk Olsson F16s Video - with the video maker's repaints on. In this musical videoclip you can see my custom AI trafic also. If you like the Falcon, watch this movie. Author Lucian Lie (Yago9). 31.2MB