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FS2004 Beta Chevy Corvette This is a test version of the 1978 Chevy Corvette. It contains the basic components that are typical for a Beta. It is also the project that I am using to learn many new things on my own. This Beta has NOT been tested for FS2002. Textures, panel, gauges, and sounds will be added in the Final Release. Please read the Read-Me file, Credit file, and How-to-drive file for more info. Visual model, Dynamics made by Jessy Corrales. 564K
FS2004/2002 RX-78GP03 Gundam Dendrobium Science Fiction Animation Plastic Model Series No.22. This plane is based on Japanese OVA "Mobile Suit GUNDAM 0083 STARDUST MEMORY" In the GUNDAM development plan, GP03 is experimental the third machine developed based on the concept "Airframe that has both the merit of Mobile Suit and Mobile Armer". GP03 is composed of the armed base ORCHIS "DENDROBIUM" and Mobile Suit GUNDAM "STAMEN" for control it. ORCHIS is equipped with the large-scale booster unit, armed-container, mega beam cannon and I-field generator, etc. Two models of GP03 DENDROBIUM and GP03S STAMEN are included. by Kazunori Ito. 2.8MB
FS2004 Videos: Yet Another Movie" musical video clip with F-16s from Selfridge Airbase,Michigan and Pink Floyd music. Author Lucian Lie. 15.9MB

FS2004 Videos: Video preview & celebration of the Advanced UK scenery project's latest scenery, Auksp-Perth '05. Perth/Scone features dynamic scenery, photographic textures, gmax/xml design & much more. Video by Birdman. 14.2MB

Scenery here

FS2004 Videos: Mig 29 Fulcrum Video. 26.6MB
FS2004 Videos: Birds Of Prey Tornado The third movie in the Birds of Prey series, featuring the Panavia Tornado. Aircraft by DSB Design. Music by Covenant. By Marc Dantuma. 26MB
FS2004 Videos: Birds Of Prey F-15 The second movie in the Birds of Prey series, featuring the F-15 Eagle. Aircraft by David Bushell (F-15C & F-15E). IAF F-15 by Cristiano Manani & Ricardo Langier. Music by VNV Nation. By Marc Dantuma. 22MB
FS2004 Videos: Birds Of Prey F-14 The fourth movie in the Birds of Prey series, featuring the F-14 Tomcat. Aircraft by Jeff Dobbing. Music by Project Pitchfork By Marc Dantuma. 26MB
FS2004 Videos: Birds Of Prey A-10 The first movie in the Birds of Prey series, featuring the A-10 Warthog. Aircraft by Kazunori Ito. Music by ACDC By Marc Dantuma. 43.8MB
FS2004 Tall Ship Bermuda. A part of the Freeflow Bermuda release..visit for scenery releases Credits to Ian Thatcher for the Cfg sources and wake effect to compile all the models..thanks so much!! Visit FS Shipyards for large collections of freeware ships and boats and submarines.. Ron Jeffreys. 3.8MB
FS2004 Semi Truck. This addon was quickly made in response to a friend's request for such an addon. Bare in mind that this addon doesn't have a panel and its dynamics are equal to that of the BETA Ferrari - this is quick-and-dirty type addon. Sounds are aliased to the DC-3. I have included source textures as well. I hope this addon can bring some benefit to the community as well. Visual model, dynamics, and textures made by Jessy Corrales. 381K

FS2004 Stalwart Armoured Truck. Includes virtual driving cabin. Made by Mitsuya Hamaguchi. 1.1MB

FS2004 Luxury Cruise Ship Asuka. Includes panel, virtual decks, etc. Model Designer : Mitsuya Hamaguchi. 1.6MB
FS2004-FS2002 FX: Nick's Prop Dust v2.0 with Nick's All Wet for Watercraft! This package is an all new release of my original prop dust FX. This gauge/effects package automatically senses the terrain the aircraft is in contact with or flying over and changes the prop dust and water FX for the aircrafts prop/rotor wash based on dirt, dry mud or clay, snow, rain, water, ice, sand, gravel and short grass. In addition the real time surface conditions are also sensed. In example: a dry asphalt or concrete runway will produce no prop dust/wash; however, the same runway with snow/rain conditions present will automatically produce a throttle controlled snow/rain blowing effect. FX files and gauges are included for large and small, single engine, multi-engine, amphibians, helicopters, seaplanes and massive scale military and commercial land/water transports. This package requires manually editing/adding lines in the aircraft.cfg and panel.cfg files. The README files include very complete and comprehensive instructions with a quick and easy copy/paste file for all the Microsoft prop aircraft and 13 other popular aircraft. I have also provided a QUICK REFERENCE file for current Nicks Prop Dust users for the new seaplane gauge and new FX location formulas. Nick's ALL WET is wild splashing and spraying bow/skid water FX designed for amphibians, seaplanes and boats which includes water droplets on the 2D and VC windshield as the plane barrels through the water on takeoff and landing. There is an option to install Nick's ALL WET without the main dust FX package. ENJOY! By Nick Needham. 2.9MB
FS2004-FS2002 FX: Nick's Touchdown and Vortex FX HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT!! When those big boys touch down they don’t just chirp -n-smoke the tires... that pillow of air under those wings has to go somewhere. With Nicks Touchdown and Vortex FX's you get to see it and if you’re close enough to the action, choke on it as well!! The provided touchdown and vortex FX's are designed for all weather conditions and usually enhance wet pavement landings. Three custom scaled FX files cover large scale military and civilian transports, Airbus, 777's, 747's, 737's, MD's, 727's along with large and small Lear jets. Users of Nicks Prop Dust can also use Nick's Touchdown with Vortex FX to enhance their LARGE prop aircraft on dry asphalt and concrete runways. Installation requires running the auto-installer and making a minor edit to the aircraft.cfg file. After a great flight wouldn’t it be nice to end it with the realistic WoooooooOOSH that Microsoft left out of Flight Simulator? Now you can be BLOWN AWAY with every touchdown! ENJOY! From Nick Needham. 1.1MB
Some WWII American popular hits to play on Flight Simulator gauges that play .wav files. e.g. radiocd3.gau, radiocd4.gau Copy these six (Song1 - Song6) .wav files into the Flight Simulators main Sound folder. 2.5MB