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FS2004 KHMN - Holloman Air Force Base (updated) - Alamogordo (White Sands), New Mexico, USA. Only the default buildings and radio freqs, and names remain the same. Removed one runway and added 2 more. Runway 34 was the default runway, now ATC has Runway 34 Left and 34 Right, also 22 Left and Right. C. Loew. 121K
FS2004 The Alaskan Pipeline - Your opportunity to explore one of the largest and most difficult construction projects of our time and see some spectacular scenery while doing it. This is a representation of the Valdez, Alaska Terminal and several Pump Stations along the 800 mile Alaskan Pipeline which extends from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez. The project was originally designed for ZIA Cargo/Sunspot Charter VA pilots, but is now being made available to the flightsim community. This is a completely new installation package which replaces all previously uploaded files and which clarifies the installation procedure. Complete instructions in .doc and .pdf formats are included. Please unzip (using folders option) to a temporary folder and follow the instructions very carefully. Scenery and design by John J. Hogan - Afcads and project compilation by David "Opa" Marshall. 10.8MB
FS2004 Golden Hawaii Aircraft & Scenery Package. This package will take you back to prewar Hawaii when it was a peaceful tropical paradise where the rich played and lucky military personnel enjoyed their island duty! After coming over on the PanAm Clippers, Inter-Island airways of Hawaii mainly handled air transportation for the wealthy vacationers. Included in this package are a Sikorsky S43 amphibian in Inter-Island colors, an S43 in PanAm colors, two Kellet autogyros and three Ford panel trucks to explore the local scenery! Also included is complete replacement scenery that portrays the islands as they did in the mid to late 1930s! This scenery is activated by a special program that allows you to choose between flying in either modern or golden age Hawaii. You can play the role of Air Line Captain with your own flight crew to fly the various scheduled and special flights for Inter-Island Airways or you can be the star flying reporter for a Honolulu newspaper with your Kellet Autogyro! There are 19 exciting and challenging flights to get you started and you'll have hours of fun in your new golden age flying career! By Lynn and Bill Lyons. 13.8MB
FS2004 Ambri Airport (LSPM), Switzerland. It's my first real scenery. Ambri is one real Swiss altiport. Located in the swiss Alpes (3241fts altitude).It's one mixt airport civilian/military with 4 military aircraft shelter, 2 hangar, static aircraft and gliders. All files included. See the read-me for macro credits. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 2.6MB
FS2004 Alaska AFCADs Version 082705. The files contained in this version of Alaska AFCAD files for FS2004 are intended for users that understand how to use AFCAD files and traffic in FS2004. THIS RELEASE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. This file contains AFCAD files for more than 900 airports in the state of Alaska and Canada. No previous editions required. New to this version, many airports have been reworked and flightplans revised. Several airports in Canada added. The revisions in this version are intended to work with the Misty Fjords project by Holger Sandmann. For users that do not have Misty Fjords by Holger Sandmann, please use, which contains pre-Misty files. Some of these files may work in non-Misty Alaska, but I make no guarantees. By Chris Coarse. 2.7MB
FS2004 MTCH in Haiti Updated. With Afcad help, all upgrading Modifications have been made. by clearing out the vegetation, adding an helipad, enlarging the apron.and light. This is my first upload. Fly into MTCH for a before view. Comments appreciated. Bob Bance. 2K

FS2004 Area 51 - Groom Lake Facility. The mysterious and intriguing Nevada Test Site airport that is not charted or included with FS2004. Made with public domain satellite imagery and AFCAD. Includes correct runways, even the combination runway/taxiway 30/12. By TJ Synkral. 2.5MB

Update here

FS2004 Terrance B.Lettsome International Airport of Tortola Island. "TUPJ" Terrance B.Lettsome is the scenery of the little International Airport of Tortola Island locate in the British Virgin Island. By Delblond Christian. 3.7MB
FS2004 Glasgow Prestwick Int. Airport, Scotland, UK. Comprehensive detailed and accurate scenery for airport, BAE Factory and surrounds. Ground elements designed with Afcad2, AI traffic and parking also included. All buildings are custom made, many with photo-texturing . Full night lighting, re-aligned coastline, local roads and local landclassing. Compatible with available Mesh Sceneries and Roads and Coastline products. By Iain Gallacher-Scotflight Scenery. 8.4MB

FS2004 AUKSP Perth, Scotland with dynamic Scenery. - Perth Airport 2005 Perth Airport in Scotland, also known as Scone. Perth is a small airfield located approximately 12nm west from Dundee. Mostly used for flight training but is the ideal GA airfield. See PDF in the zip file for more info on Perth Airport and full info on the AUKSP team. By Stephen Legg & the AUKSP team. 8.7MB

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