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FS2004 'Apocalypse Now' Scenery Package. based on the 1979 movie Apocalypse now.. This file requires Lago FSE scenery enhancer for full effect (Link included if you don't have it) Take a trip back to the 1979 movie with ole Capt.Willard,Col.Kilgore,the Chief,Chef,Clean,Lance and (of course) Col Kurtz in an adventure that takes you right into the invasion of the mouth of the Nung river and then launches you right up the Nung river itself..Includes tons of palm trees,fire effects and moving objects and plenty of horror. Special thanks to Lynn Rogers and Tim Conrad for permission of their aircraft and boats for this file. Dedicated to all our Vietnam vets..Thanks.. By: Ron Jeffers. 18.3MB

Apocalypse Now 04 (Redux!) This is an addon to my previous file (Apocalypse now 04 above) The addon now adds thrice the scenery and effects including- Random napalm strikes- as Col kilgore loves it,enemy flak and flare effects,dirt spray and orange haze, and special night scenes to bring out the effects which includes the (last outpost)at the Do lon bridge which make the nung river trip more erie than ever in which sound files are also added all around and along the way. So take another ride with Capt Willard into the Nam! You must have my previous file- Apocalypse now 04 installed. It can be found here on this site.FSE program is required for full effect,all download info included... By:Ron Jeffers. 2.3MB

FS2004 Hawaii O5 Package. Take an extremely dense scenery trip throughout Honolulu then up the coast for an FS tour of "Robins nest estate" of the Magnum PI tv series using (Bjorn Buchner's) great Hughes 500d helicopter with the highly detailed Magnum PI scheme repaint by: (Peter M. Ridge,) Throughout this scenery and you will feel as if you were in the 1980s TV show..The helo also includes a repaint of the pilot as (TC) of Magnum that Peter took the liberty to do in the file,great job.. Other than that the file includes some volcano scenery on the main island of Hawaii which includes an ecxellent FX file work by: (Ver Walter Gulfan) for the lava and ash effects which looks as real as it can get... Fireworks are from 8 pm. to midnight every night. Check out all these great authors work and keep making scenery in the FS world... This file is made up of standard addon scenery folders but also is required to have Lago FSE 2004 for the massive full effect vegetation,palms ect and moving objects and sound effects.But if you dont have Lago FSE you still can view the volcano and the estate.Saved flight files are included to take you to the scenery areas. 2.9MB
FS2004 City of Chicago - FSE I loved flying from Meigs but the city seemed almost bear of buildings. Adds over 100 new buildings Some bridges, McDonalds and Petrol Stations Also includes some cranes down at the docks Building Cranes also around the city. I am not from Chicago, not even from the U.S. actually so please do not think this is an accurate representation of this great city. This is only to make it more fun when flying from Meigs or Midway. Project Shamrock. 554K
FS2004 Hong Kong Autogen Buildings Version 2.00. This scenery adds a HUGE amount autogen buildings around Southern Kowloon and the Northern Hong Kong Island. By Eddie Chan. 279K
FS2004 Alaskan Seaports. These seaports are fairly close together so you can make a nice round robin trip. This scenery is located in Alaska. (Use Ketchikan chart) All default enhanced. Airport name's, 1.Hollis (HYL) Water landing only. 2.Thorne Bay (KTB) Water landing only. 3.Kasaan (KXA) Water landing only. 4.Meyers Chuck (84K) Water landing only. Has light beacon tower(default)Frank Betts. 3MB
FS2004 Boston Logan. Boston Logan International Airport Massachusetts, USA ICAO identifier: KBOS. By George Grimshaw. 8.8MB
FS2004 NAS Alameda 2005 (NGZ), San Francisco. DBWsim is proud to present NAS Alameda 2005. Our new scenery reopens this notable San Francisco bay area airfield. The scenery features comprehensive redevelopment of the Airfield including local coastline and land-class upgrades, providing a significant visual improvement of scenery in the area. Sceneries by Derek and Brendan Webb. 2.6MB
FS2004 Caribbean Islands Scenery. Large scenery enhancement for the Caribbean area. Jordan Chin. 20.8MB

FS2004 Gmax Bacolod Scenery with full animation. Gmax Bacolod Superscenery version 2005 is a product of months of research and innovation. This scenery is a one-of-a-kind Flight Simulation scenery wherein its boasts of its full animation feature which can mostly be found in payware add-ons. Featured in the product are the following realistic animations: 1. Air traffic controllers moving inside the tower. 2. Detailed baggage carts moving from the cargo section to the ramp. 3. Moving passengers walking from the Bacolod Airport pre-departure area to the aircraft airstairs. 4. Moving shrubs and palmtrees--in unsynchronized swaying motion. 5. Four moving Cebu Pacific buses transferring passengers from the ramp to the Cebu Pacific terminal building. 6. Moving wind instruments above the control tower such as the wind vane and the rotating beacon lights. 7. Moving fire trucks which will move forward and backward every now and then when aircraft land and takeoff. 8. A flock of swallows and gamebirds frolicking and flying throughout the airport vicinity waiting for an engine ingestion which will make your approach much more challenging. 9. A traffic of buses, cars, and jeepneys along Araneta Street which will make your runway 22 approach much more realistic. 10. Rocking fishing boats and bancas located along the approach path of runway 04. Some of the features included in the scenery are the following: 1. Robinson's Metro Bacolod Mall in front of the Bacolod Airport terminal. 2. Cebu Pacific Terminal building. 3. Asian Alcohol Hangar. 4. Jalandoni Hangar. 5. Palmas del Mar Water Tower. 6. Gumayan Air Charter Hangar, Negros Air Hangar 7. The famous and controversial Sugarland Hotel 8. Goldenfield Garden Hotel which is now converted to Bacolod Casino Hotel. 9. Goldenfield Entertainment Complex. 10. Bacolod Convention Plaza. 11. Gaisano City-Bacolod 12. Bacolod Public Plaza with its bandstand. 13. Bacolod Cathedral Building. By Arch't. Ver Walter Gulfan. 10.4MB

FS2004 USS Stennis CV-74 This is Phil Crowther's Nimitz .fsc converted in format so it could be compiled in the FS2004 scenery object format. It has a hardened deck surface so you can land and take off with any plane equipped with the RCBCO-20 gauges. A ship wake effect has been added. It is located just off the San Diego, Ca. Naval Station. The necessary XML and .MDL file are included so it can be moved to other locations with BGLcomp. By Paul Clawson. 1MB

FS2004 Wake Effect for the USS Stennis This is the wake effect file I regrettably left out of the USS Stennis upload ( Paul Clawson. 2K