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FS2004 LFLC Clermont-Ferrand Aulnat/Auvergne, France. By Pierre Marcombe. 4MB

FS2004 Acapulco Mexico . (MMAA) and Mesh. Beautiful Place in the Mexican Pacific sea front in the Guerrero state. Author: Dr. José Luis Águila Boudib. 4.5MB

Update - further additions. 354K

FS2004 YHBA - Hervey Bay Airport AFCAD Upgrade. This .bgl file was created by AFCAD and is designed to be an accurate Flight Simulator representation of the newly upgraded Hervey Bay Airport. This addon scenery is only able to be use in FS 2004. Both GA vPilots and JetStar and Virgin Blue vPilots will love the bigger runway. Joel Richter. 3K
FS2004 Bermuda Triangle. Take a ride into the unknown of the Bermuda triangle,an huge area of the atlantic ocean off the Florida coast where many planes and ships have just-well..dissapeared!Whether or not there really is phenomenon brew'in out there for real dont matter cause in the FS9 world its been going on and I was able to save a few flights of what I found out there with some screenshots to proove it..Good luck, steer by the stars, dont get lost... By Ron Jeffers. 931K
FS2004 Negambie Airfield is located approx. 10nm to the north-west of Mangalore, India. It has a grass strip, a hangar and a windsock. The Skydiving Center operate a Cessna 208 Caravan and a Gippsland G8 Airvan. This scenery is not 100% accurate but offers a basic depiction of the airfield. By Jake Saw. 919K
FS2004 Cagliari Sardinia, Italy 2004 Package. Cagliari Elmas 'Mario Mameli' International Airport - ICAO code LIEE Cagliari Photoreal Scenery and buildings Coastline, Landclass & Waterclass for south Sardinia Sardinia SRTM Mesh Designed by Davide Marras. 28.8MB
FS2004 World Environment Upgrade This package will greatly enhance the world environment in Flight Simulator by adding more realistic sky textures and lighting for all phases of the day and seasons. By Maurice Moscoso. 1.7MB
FS2004 Borg overhead of Bankstown airport Australia.. The "Borg" the baddest Cyborg's ever to hit the screen are blowing the hell out of Sydney. A "pure fantasy" movie set of a scenery and the perfect backdrop for your collection of fs9 space vehicals in the simviation misc aircraft page , these models are the most massive ships you can imagine with room to land 100 boeing 777's and special effects that cause explosions throughout these landable models and around sydney. produced for a multiplayer event at sept 24 2005 9 pm further info at by Chuck Jodry of the VJPL Flight Lab at 185K
FS2004 Southern California Oilrigs V2.0 This is a revised version of my previous rendition of the Oil Rigs off the SOuthern California Coastline. This file acurately represents the positions of ALL of the Oilrigs extending from Lompoc to Newport Beach, California. Also included are 4 lighthouses not placed in the FS2004 Default Scenery located from Morro Bay - Point Conception, California. REQUIRES RWY 12 (here) This add-on was created with Runway 12 add-on, so you must have this add-on installed, or at least the scenery BGL and Texture files installed in your Addon Scenery\Static Objects Library folder for the scenery to work. In addition, the scenery was created while using Ultimate Terrain USA, so default FS2004 Scenery users may have some scenery items in slightly different places.Brian C. Selb. 64K
FS2004 Hamilton AFB (SRF) and San Rafael Airfield (CA35). DBWsim proudly reopens Hamilton AFB in the northern San Francisco Bay Area. Included as well is scenery for the small local airfield of San Rafael. Both airports have been comprehensively redeveloped and the scenery features an improved local landclass. Derek and Brendan Webb. 1.7MB