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Scenery Page 63
FS2004 Mawlamyine Future-Airport VYMM After opening of the Asian-Highway A1, that should lead from Viatnam up to Turkey, the Mawlamyine-Airport VYMM will increase in meaning drastically. Mawlamyine (Moulmein), the fourth-biggest city and former capital of Burma (Myanmar) lies only barely 80 km to the west of the Thai border and in the stretch-section Myawaddy-Thaton, with his construction was begun in the spring 2005. The bridge over the Thanlwin-River was already handed over to the traffic on February 05, 2005. On the new Airport big airplanes, like the B-744 and the A-388, can start and land. Installation in Deutsch and English. 589K
FS2004 LIPP CaSavio Heliport - finctional heli area situated 2nm North of LIPV (Lido di Venezia) airfield. Cap E. Rastelli. 456K
FS2002/2004 Austria Pack Soaring Scenery. This file add some thermals to default Microsoft scenery for main airports of Austria. By Francisco Vargas. 265K

FS2004 Scenery for historic RAF Mildenhall in the United Kingdom. Includes flight plans for the 100th ARW and the 352nd SOG based at Mildenhall. Requires RWY12 and Nova Gold Textures ( (here). By Matt Magner. 662K

FS2004 Uluru - formerly known as Ayer's Rock, Australia. This is Uluru, the rock in the middle of the desert in Australia. The original in FS was very poor, and it didn't look anything like the photographs. This one does, and even has a bit of a red texture at night. Uluru was re-named Ayer's Rock for a while, but it is officially back at being Uluru, as it should. I had to use trickery to make it show at great distances, and you will just notice a flicker at the 30 km mark, more or less. The Connellan airport, YAYE, is all my own invention. I tried very hard to get any information about it, but didn't get replies from anyone (If you have any info, drop me a line at The airport includes my own beacon tower, with which I am very happy, and I have to thank Arno Gerretsen for teaching me how to do it. I think that the Qantas traffic looks great, thanks to Brad Disher's beautiful Boeing 737! Done by Fern Marques. 3.9MB
FS2004 Concorde at Heathrow scenery. This small scenery addon places a Concorde on the tarmac near runway 27R at London's Heathrow, which is where the last one really is at the time of writing. A second smaller scale Concorde is located at the entrance roundabout to the airport, where the current small scale model is. Original model by Graham Waterfield. Scenery assembled by Martyn Becker. - 168K
FS2004 Shuttle Discovery at Edwards AFB scenery. This small scenery addon celebrates Discovery's safe return by replacing the default model at Edwards AFB with a replacement Discovery, plus the carrier 747 to take it back to Canaveral. FS9 exclude file included. Works with FS2002 but does not remove the barely recognizable default shuttle on the apron. Original models by Deane Baunton and David Pinero. Scenery assembled by Martyn Becker 180K
FS2004 Hubschorn Altiport (LSAA) Fictional Swiss altiport airfield. Located to 8 nm in the east of Raron (LSMN), in the high altitude Swiss Alpes (6541fts altitude) .With meteo station, meteo sphere, hangar, house. AFCAD included with 3 small GA parking, 1 helipad and 2 radio frequence (tower & ATIS). Gravel runway (900fts x 55fts). All files included. See the read-me for macro credits. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 2.1MB
FS2004 Marin Eco-Light Club (LSGM) Fictionnal Swiss ultralight airfield. With cars, trucks, fence, hangars,meteo station,terminal, static glider, static aircraft, AFCAD, etc... Located to 8 nm in the east of Neuchâtel (LSGN)Grass runway (700fts x 40fts). All files included. See the read-me for macro credits. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 5.6MB
FS2004 Araxa, Brazil, AFCAD file. 6K