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Looking for more FS2004 Add-ons? Look no further than the FS2002 section! The majority of later FS2002 Panels will work in FS2004.
FS2004 DC3 & Vega GPS Panel upgrade . FS2004 DC3 & Vega Panel upgrade. This File adds a GPS/Nav Switch on the panel and a RadioStack from the default Cessna172 to allow esier operation of the autopilot.Files Created by Eric Busseau AKA Snake Man. 737K
FS2002 and FS2004 Boeing 727 panel . This panel includes many features and has also internal views from the B727. This panel has also a specail light system (for night)! Check also my newest website! By Frank Elfert. 5.7MB

FS 2004 Airbus A-340 panel Version 5. This version have customized and recompiled gauges in order to fix former problems and to adapt them to FS2004. Most of the gauges were redesigned and improved, adding light effects.Some new gauges, such as the automatic-brake, have also been added. This is a complete package, you don't need to have previous files. By Hector Molina. 1.3MB

FS 2004 Airbus A-340 panel Version 5 Fix This patch fixes the HSI display of the A340-400 panel, file By Hector Molina. 112K

FS 2004 Boeing 767-400 Panel. An excellent compliment to the recently released iFDG 767-400 aircraft! Based on default gauges and a few freeware gauges that are used by permission from the original authors. ThisAll-glass panel contains all of the necessary simicons (ATC, MAP, etc) an auto-spoiler deployment gauge, and a nifty RUNWAY INFO gauge allows you to select and tune the ILS to most major world airports without leaving the main panel view. Updated for compatibility with FS9. Original panel bitmap by Jorge Alsina. By Alex Christoff. 4MB

FS2004/2002 Fokker 100 panel. 10024x768 Complete photo-realistic panel for Fokker 100, works well in FS2004 and FS2002, included upper panel,console and interior views of Project Fokker. Special night illumination. panel by Helio Estrela. 11.5MB
FS2004 PANELS Boeing 777 Panel for default and Meljet 777 versions (search 'meljet' on this site) This panel is intended too be used with Melvin rafi's excelent777 or with de default 777 This panel has realistic displays, realistic HSI control, autobrake , and a real-view bitmap Has Tcas and all the other stuff! also New VC gauges. By Johan Peeters From DSB DESIGN, Eric Marciano and Chris Reid.. 10.1MB
FS 2004 Boeing 767-400 Version 2 This panel is based on a photo of a real cabin. All gauges were specially created for this panel and contain many features and light effects. This version was adapted to work with FS 2004 By Hector Molina. 1.4MB
FS2004 Canadair Regional Jet panel Version 3. This panel was designed based on actual CRJ photos. All gauges were recompiled and addapted to FS2004. This is a complete package. You don't need previous version. By Hector Molina. 1.3MB
FS2004 Dash 8-400 panel Version 3 This panel was designed based on actual Dash 8-400 photos. All gauges were recompiled, improved and adapted to work with FS2004. This is a complete package. You don't need previous versions. By Hector Molina. 1.6MB