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FS 2004 Airbus A-320 panel Version 1. This panel was made based on photos of the actual cockpit and has customized gauges specifically designed for it. By Hector Molina. 1.4MB
FS2004 King Air All Glass Panel. My simplified interpretation of the Collins Glass panel modification of the King Air panel, recently featured in the November edition of FLYING magazine. Utilizes all default gauges,and includes all of the necessary simicons and Ernie Alston's wonderful RNWY INFO gauge. By Alex Christoff. 560K
FS2004 Alternate Twin-Jet Panel for Chuck Dome's Supersonic MiG-AT4 trainer (aircraft found here). Uses FS9's Garmin 295 in separate window. A fully functional, retro-style, IMC-capable panel, devoid of glass cockpit systems and extraneous eye candy. Russian gauges lend an authentic feel. Offers high outside visibility, as promised by exterior looks at the aircraft. Framerate friendly, best at 1280x1024. 2-D panel only, no virtual cockpit. By Gary Smith. 1.2MB
FS2004 OV-10 "Bronco" Panel I still asking myself why nobody had done this before!!! ... this is a modification of the original panel (the one that comes with the "Tim Piglet Conrad" model for CFS) ---it adds AP,HUD,"Nav/GPS"switch to the panel--- so, now its more enjoyable to travel with this aircraft (also works in fs2002) - "cfgedited" by Claudio Sanchez. 401K

FS2004 McDonnel-Douglas DC-10 (KC-10) Custom Panel for Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 (FS2004). Main panel .bmp and positioning of the gauges as per photos of the real flightdeck. * New and improved overhead panel and gauges. If you move your mouse over a switch and it will let you click it, it probably does what the photo-real panel say's it does! (pretty cool, huh?!) * Added a couple cool sounds like an altitude horn, go get me some coffee (and step on it!!....just kidding!), T.O. Calls, Approach calls, et.,al. *Added Lee Hetherington's IVSI/TCAS gauge, Built by: Dale Britton. 12MB.

Further Files Required

Sounds Pack: 8.5MB

Gauges Pack 1: 4.3MB

Gauges Pack 2: 4.7MB

Gauges Pack 3: 5.5MB

Gauges Pack 4: 3.6MB

FS2004 C-123 "Provider" Panel II. "This is the V2.0 of my photorealistic C123 provider panel !!! Ihad to do this since the c123 of Vladimir Zhyhulskiy doesn't include one ...includes many updates over the original panel. thanks for al those downloads of the original - online tested - "FS2004 only" Made in cfgedit By: Claudio Sanchez. 860K
FS2004 Northrop/Canadair VF-5D "Zancudo" Panel. Custom panel for VF-5 (thatīs the code for the F-5B in the Venezuelan AirForce) HUD featured by:Claudio Sanchez. 2.7MB

FS2004 DC-3 Twin Panel Package in 3 Variations: This package includes: 1. The default DC-3 panel with the addition of a co-pilot option which can be toggled inflight. All pop-up windows that are available on the Captain's side are also available from the First Officer position. Other small modifications, including a cleaned up main bitmap by Andy Hatcher. 2. The default panel lowered to give better visibility, also with a switchable co-pilot position. 3. A modified, more contemporary panel with VOR1, RMI and VOR2 gauges. Co-pilot position can be switched inflight. In addition to standard pop-up windows, this panel uses Bendix King radios, has optionally overlaid digital readouts for all key instruments and two flight timers, all of which can be accessed from both seating positions. Replacement gauges flow through to the VC. All panels are darkened slightly for more realism, have modified night lighting and other additions such as an electrical panel on the FO's side. By Mark Beaumont. . File name: DC3_PAN.ZIP. 5.6MB
FS2004 Canadair Regional Jet panel Version 4 This panel was designed based on actual CRJ photos. All gauges were recompiled, addapted to FS2004 and improved to make them look and work like the real panel. This is a complete package. You don't need previous version. By Hector Molina. Technical Advisor: Mark Ostheimer. 1.4MB