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FS2004 PA-28 Piper Cherokee 140 Photoreal Panel. Designed for Piper Cherokee 140 from Ole Egholm (here) specially made and optically adapded to the virtual cockpit and only usable for this aircraft. Additionally Night-Lighting of the virtual cockpit. Horst Paetzold. 1.5MB
FS2004 Cessna Citation Panel. This new panel is a good fit for any of the CITATION series - as well as other small bizjets. It's photoreal, simple enough to use - plus some toys to make your flight enjoyable. Rad J Yarjan. 6.9MB
FS2002/FS2004 Announcement Panel v1.0 This panel uses gauges extracted and recompiled from the Boeing 737-400 Panel by Bruce Benaway. The panel is designed to make Crew announcements while in flight and on the ground. By Gene 'Harrier' Churumov. 2.7MB
FS2004 Airbus A 300/310 Photoreal Panel with full internal views incl. 2 animated wingviews for SGA - A300-B4-200 (here) usable for any other A 300/310 without wingviews. Horst Paetzold. 4.6MB
FS2004 Boeing 717 Panel. Call it DC9, MD80, 717 - whatever. This is/was a great little plane - as nimble as a regional jet - yet stable as a 757. Douglas flooded the market with these things while trying to unload MD11s in package deals. The MD11s are history (shame), but these boys are still flying high and strong. Almost all pilots jumping up to the majors flew these planes for years. Admittedly, the old cockpits were a mess and you needed four eyes to keep track of the instruments. When the 717, or the first MD90 EHD came along, they had these glass gauges and it truly became a joy to fly these things. Now, Boeing has decided to discontinue production. Check out JCA website for some real nice 717s. Thanks to Ken Mitchell for his great MFD gauges. Enjoy the panel and the aircraft before they become classics. by Capt. Rad James Yarjan. 8MB
FS2004 Boeing 767 or 757 Panel. This is Greetmir Goodeguard's modification of Ken Mitchell's great Boeing 757 panel. He has made these modifications to comply with his "VRIF" criteria. (Visibility Readablility Information & Functionality) This panel has been thoroughly tested and is believed it to be totally funtional as well as VERY FSNAV friendly. Although this panel modification is designed to be an ideal panel for the Boeing 767 series, it surely can be used in any two engine jet especially Boeing 737's, 757's and 777's. Features of this panel include Ken Mitchell's super PFD and MFD gauges, Eric Mariciano's excellent sweep-hand TCAS Radar Gauge. Bob Guy's very informative Fuel Statistics Gauge and the MSFS 2004 GPS System. Available to the user is also a choice of four different colour night luminosities for the panel. This is a stand-alone panel with all files, gauges, bitmaps and installation as well as PFD and MFD use instructions included. This panel is intended for FS2004 (FS9) and has NOT been tested on FS2002 or FS2000. Author: Greetmir Goodeguard. 5.5MB
FS2004 Pushback Panel v2.0. This panel uses a new mechanism of XML gauges by Rob Barendregt that does not require ADF for playing sounds. This makes it possible to include Brakes sound FX in this version. By Gene Churumov. 947K
FS2004 Jelair "HUD for Commercial Jets" - Version#1 Included in this download is: a manual on how to use and install the gauge a gauge for FS2004 aircraft. Jacob Larsen. 335K
FS2004 Panel for Mike Stone F-111 Aircraft (here): This is my panel for the Mike Stone F-111 series of aircraft. It includes a VFR and IFR panel and front and side views. Enjoy. 4MB
FS2004 Panel for Alphasim F-111 Aircraft: This is my panel for the Alphasim F-111 series of aircraft. It includes a VFR and IFR panel and updates to the VC. Enjoy. 4.9MB