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Props Page 78
FS2004 Viscount 805 Eagle Airways Textures only. Eagle Airways ordered two brand new V.805 Viscounts. This aircraft, originally to be built for Fred Olsen also served with Eagle (Bermuda) as VR-BAY. In February 1960 it waas sold to Aer Lingus as EI-ALG and converted to a series V.808. Withdrawn in November 1969 it was scrapped Dublin in May 1972. Eagle Airways became Cunard Eagle Airways and later British Eagle International Airways. Requires the FSDS Viscount 800 model by Rick Piper (here)..Repaint Garry Russell. 527K
FS2004 Viscount 707 Eagle Airways Textures only. One of two Viscount 707 aircraft bought from Aer Lingus for the Bermuda division, VR-BBH purchased in December 1959 is seen in a later version of the Eagle livery. Later it was transferred to the Cuanrd Eagle UK as G-ARKI before returning to the Caribbean with Cunard Eagle Bermuda taking up VR-BBH again. It was sold on to Bahamas Airways as VP-BCE in January 1964. Eagle Airways became British Eagle. Requires the FSDS Viscount 700 model by Rick Piper here. Repaint by Garry Russell. 720K
FS2004 Viscount 707 Cunard Eagle Airways Textures only. Built for Aer Lingus as EI-AFW and delivered in March 1954 this aircraft was sold to Eagle Airways (Bermuda) in January 1960 as VR-BBJ. In March 1961 it was transferred to the renamed Cunard Eagle Airways when the shipping company bought a large interest in Eagle. It became G-ARKH until after Cunard pulled out and teamed up with BOAC. The airline was renamed British Eagle and this aircraft was sent back to the caribbean taking up it's previous marks of VR-BBJ in July 1962. Just two months later it was bought by Bahamas Airways who sold it in July 1963 to BOAC Associate Companies and reverted to G-ARKH. It continued with Bahamas Airways as VP-BCF when repurchased in January 1964. This continued until December 1968 when it was bought by Bahamas Developement Corporation and WFU and stored Nassau, Bahamas. Sold to James Carter in July 1973 it was withdrawn at Little Rock Arkansas. Sold to Southern International Air Transport in December 1977 it was broken up at California City, California later the same month. Requires the FSDS Viscount 700 model by Rick Piper here. Repaint by Garry Russell. 657K
FS2004 Viscount 708 Starways Textures only. Founded in 1948 based at Blackpool, Starways moved to Liverpool the following year. It expanded throughout the 1950 and in 1961 this Viscount was acquired from Air France where it had served since June 1954 as F-BGNS. At the end of 1962 it was joined by G-APZB a series 707 which came from Tradair. In late 1963 a co-operation agreement was signed with British Eagle which was in effect a take over of Starways operations. Effective from 1st January 1964 British Eagle Viscounts appeared with Starways titles. G-APZB was sold to Channel and this machine returned to France and a new career with Air Inter as F-BLHI. It returned to the UK with Alidair in June 1975 and after various leases and livery changes was sold in December 1983 to Janus. Eleven months later it was sold to MMM Aero Services of Zaire as 9Q-CAH in November 1984. However it only got as far as Ostend in Belgium where it was broken up in December 1988. Requires the FSDS Viscount 700 model by Rick Piper here: Repaint by Garry Russell. 647K
FS2004 F-27, NLM Textures only. . This is a repaint of the Fokker F27 in NLM, Dutch Airlines livery as it started in 1966. Registration: PH-KFB (MSN 10161). Originaly a F27 Mk.300 Troopship, this aircraft was leased from the Royal Netherlands Air Force. These are textures only. The F27-200 model of Mike Stone is required (here). Repaint by Jaap de Baare. 649K

FS2004 Piper PA28-140 Package. A Gmax Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee, v1.0. The oldest model in the Cherokee series. Features a fully modelled cabin and virtual cockpit, photorealistic textures, full control surfaces, door and suspension animation, dynamic shine and glass reflections. By Ole Egholm. 9.4MB
FS2004 United Flight Group Beechcraft Baron Default Textures. Textures By Quintein Vazquez. 820K
FS2004 Jodel D11 in 3 liveries French & Canadian. . Design by Christian DAVI. Paint by Jean-François Isabel. 5.1MB
FS2004 Beechcraft Starship Update. This is an update of Mike Stone's Beechcraft Starship and a view fix for Ken Mitchell's panel made for it. It can be found on page 39 FS2004 props. Description: This is an update of Mike Stone's Beechcraft Starship and a view fix for Ken Mitchell's panel made for it. I have redone the flight dynamics so the aircraft flys better. The panel update will make Ken's panel work in FS2004 even if the panel you have does not, and let you see over the nose better. Bob Chicilo. 116K
FS2004 F-27 Troopship, Royal Netherlands Air Force Textures only. Repaint of the Fokker F27 Mk.300M Troopship, in it's first Royal Netherlands Air Force livery. Tail number: C-5 (MSN 10155). 334 Squadron based at Soesterberg air base in Holland, 1960. The F27-200 model of Mike Stone is required (here). Repaint by Jaap de Baare. 539K