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FS2004 The Original Cessna 340A Cessna 340A with twin Series VII RAM - VII 335 hp TCM TSIO-520-NB powerplantes. Engine Specs and preformance data included. Flight tuned by a realworld 340A pilot. Walk around virtual cockpit. Cessna 340A panel included with custom dual needle Cessna engine gauges. 340A Referance and check list included. Uses some default gauges and default Beech Baron 58 sound. FSDS 2.24 flight model, textures, dash and engine gauges by B. Novick. Air file and flight dynamics by T. Novick. 1.6MB
FS2004 Porter Pilatus Amphibious Model. The Pilatus Porter is one of the most unique planes in the air. Originally introduced in 1959, she has been used in war, for police work, rescue, agriculture, bush flying, and many other positions where flexibility is required. The Porter is a STOL aircraft, and has the ability to go into reverse thrust at altitude to lose altitude very quickly. The plane can almost beat a skydiver down. DonMoser. 1.4MB
FS2004 Viscount 814 Hot Air Textures only. One of a pair of Hot Air Viscounts, this original Lufthansa aircraft became a long term British Midland fleetmember before serving with Hot Air. It became a fire and Rescue trainer at Morteton in Marsh. Requires the FSDS Viscount 800 model by Rick Piper here. Repaint Garry Russell. 503K
FS2004 Cessna 208B Caravan - Muddy Textures only. This is a fictitious repaint of Henry Tomkiewicz's Cessna 208B Caravan (required here). This aircraft is a performer and has little time to dilly dolly around at the wash rack. Consequentially, it's dirty. Fly it often and maintain it well.Bby Chris Coarse. 1.7MB

FS 2004/2002. Cessna 152 Package, with a full, acurate panel, nice textures, rolling wheels, GPS, and more. 152's are hard to find for FS, but this one has it all. Flight dynamics tested by a 152 pilot. Textures, panel borrowed, see readme. FlightDynamics by Bennett Gray. 4.8MB

FS2004 Viscount 806 BCAL Commuter Textures only. early During the mid 1980's this BAF Viscount was painted in full BCAL Commuter livery. Services were operated by this machine and others in the main BAF fleet. At the time many of the aircraft wore small BCAL crest by the main door. This was the first livery worn. Requires the FSDS Viscount 800 model by Rick Piper here. Repaint Garry Russell. 550K
FS2004 Viscount 806 BCAL Commuter later Textures only. A repaint saw G-AOYR move away from the mainline livery and modified into one more akin to BAF, with the lower yellow striping roughly following that of BAF upper cheatlines. It was returned to BAF livery for further service with BAF before retirement, finally being broken up at Southend in June 1996. Requires the FSDS Viscount 800 model by Rick Piper here. Repaint Garry Russell. 479K
Pilatus PC-6 Porter Gold Rush Amphibian Textures only. This is a fictitious repaint in the colors of Gold Rush Airways utilizing Don Moser's Pilatus PC-6 Porter. This repaint was used to make my paint kit for this great aircraft. This updated repaint will work on either the wheeled or amphib version of Don's Porter(above & previous page) By Chris Coarse. 987K

FS2004 Cessna 340A Package. Updated FDE to make it closer to how I think it should fly. A 'heavier' feel and more stable in pitch and roll. Textures de-mipped and cleaned up a bit to make em a bit sharper. Contact points adjusted and lights sorted - strobe removed from tail and strobes added to wing tips. Fuel flow reduced to make the gauge reading more 'real'. Panel reworked to make it closer to real life and really nice for IFR flying. VC reworked to match the panel. Complete 'turbo' piston sound pack. Original aircraft by Brian and Tim Novick,. Updated by Roger Mole. 5.8MB

Update: At the momment, you can switch the engines off via the mags, which you shouldn't do really - you should pull the mixture levers back and only switch the mags off once the engines have shut down. Also, if you switch to the 340A from say a Kingair where you did use the mixture levers to switch off and then saved the flight as default, when you try to continue, you can't start the 340A's engines unless you use the Ctrl_E shortcut! The panel.cfg files in this zip overcome problems like these, and incidentally also make the panel of the 340A even more complete and more satisfying to fly. 6K

FS2004 Fairchild Metro3 Repaint Twin Pack Textures only. Features PenAir and Eurosky reapints of the Metro3 by Mike Stone (Required - next page). Repaint by Andy Nott of Anglo-Virtual Aviation. 400K