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Scenery Page 109
FS2002/2004 Ramstein, Germany scenery. Adds the scenery around the airfield located near Ramstein. Mauro Vaccari. 117K
FS2002/2004 Silverstone, UK Track & airfield. Adds the scenery of the old military airfield located near Silverstone (U.K.), and the well known Formula One race track. 393K

FS2004 KAMN Michigan Ebnit Aeronautics Headquarters Features- 5 EA hangars 1 S600 hangar and 4 Conventional size with individuals Nav2 Frequencies for opening doors. Approximate door width 100ft.Low poly hangars has night textures AFCAD Edited uncontrolled Airport. (Advisory) Many scenery models placed with OB Placer. 9 Helipads 2 on top of buildings. Helo starting points. (Careful building helipads are Crashable) EA S600 operational airport. Greg Ebnit. 4.6MB

FS2004 EA KAMN Update This is and update to fix the Traffic at KAMN.Current settings allow for to many AI at one time.These new files will allow the user to moderate the traffic flow for better Frame Rate.The new traffic BGLs are set to KAMN half traffic at 30% and full traffic at 70% instead of all at 60%. 374K

FS2004 KRYN Tucson Arizona This airport is not representitve of the real world airport Ive added Green Belts around the runways and new approns.Although all runways are true to life. Features- 4 EA hangars with individual Nav2 Frequencies for opening doors. Many scenery models placed with OB Placer. 4 Helipads.Helo starting points. Swarrow Cactus for that desert feel and bushes. Mainly GA airport many Parking spaces full lights. Also included is a Fire scenery file that is at the North end of Lake Tahoe Nevada. Has a cool firebrand effect I created for all you Airial fire fighters. Gmax models and textures by Greg Ebnit. 1.6MB
FS2004 London Luton [EGGW]. This is small package i have put together for London Luton Airport [EGGW]. I have made a Satellite accurate AFCAD and then moved the default buildings around to fit the layout of the airport, I have also changed some of the terminals to better fit the Real Life layout of the Airport. By Duncan MacKellar . 45K
FS2004 Hall Club Expanded - A ficticious Airfield in Uganda. Added Car Park, Roads + Plots for Buildings and other nearby Items. Bernhard Fischbein. 60K
FS2004 'Simviation' Airport Europe.. This airport is identical to the simple 'Simviation USA' airport but this one is loacated in the UK instead. Enjoy this airport. Credits to myself, Ryan Murphy, for the AFCAD designing and creation of this airport and credits also to Richard Stermer and Jessy Corrales for making Concorde shaped concourse and military hanger. 175K
FS2004 Phoenix, Arizona hi-res scenery package part 1: Sky Harbor Airport (KPHX), AZ. Includes 150 sq km of scenery at 1.2 m/pixel. Suggested for use with PHX07_LR.ZIP. By Gottfried Razek. 70MB
FS2004 Phoenix, Arizona hi-res scenery part 2, containing the area west of Sky Harbor Airport with downtown Phoenix, AZ. Connects seamlessly with part 1 (PHX2007H.ZIP) and adds another 150 sq km of photoreal scenery at 1.2 m/pix resolution. By Gottfried Razek. 67MB
FS2004 Casablanca ATC Center Frequency change. In FS2004 the Casablanca ATC Centre is at 125.1 MHz when it should be at 125.5 MHz. Also, the FS2004 original frequency conflicts with two local ATIS frequencies, and it is impossible to complete an IFR flight properly, because you cannot be handed over to the Casablanca Centre. The only way to change that frequency is by changing one of the native FS2004 files, bvcf.bgl, located in Flight Simulator 9\Scenery\World\Scenery. If you are not comfortable manipulating files, do not install this modification. Make sure you save a copy of your original file. This scenery is the new bvcf.bgl file with the corrected frequency for the Casablanca Centre (125.5 MHz). For free distribuiton only. By Fern Marques. 1.1MB