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Scenery Page 110
FS2004 Phoenix, Arizona hi-res scenery part 3 - Phoenix East. This is the third part of high resolution ground scenery for Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), containing the area east of Sky Harbor. Stopping short of Falcon Field, which will be contained in a separate package, it connects seamlessly to part 1: Sky Harbor and contains another 150 sq km, bringing it to a total of 450 sq km. The resolution is 1.2 m/pix. By Gottfried Razek. 65MB
FS2004 Corsica Package. The Corse…. for the French, The Corsica for the Italians, Corscega for the Catalans… Corsica cradle of Napoleon Bonaparte. Closed fist whose index finger points toward the gulf of Genoa. He has 1047 kilometers of abrupt coast. Their longitude but big it reaches the 184 kilometers for 84 of wide. It is three times more big that Majorca, The island bigger than the Balearic ones. Their culminating height. The mount Belt reaches the 2700 meters of altitude.By Toni Agramont. 7.6MB
FS2004 Balearic Islands This is had been the first scenery design that I had made for Fs2004 before the appearance in the markets the new Fs2004 and for my own pleasure and residents in the islands I wanted to represent it as accurately as possible with 100% of detail. Primary this scenery is for VFR and totally turistic flights. 230 towns are represented and 7 0ld monumentsso Cartuja of Valldemosa, Monastery of Lluc, Old castle Son Vivot,Castle of Capdepedra, Hermitages of St Elm and mucho more.....Ah ! and the residence of Michael DOUglas S'Estaca. The actual version of Fs2004 enhance the landscape By Toni Agramont. 18.8MB
FS2004 RAF Coningsby. situated in the county of Lincolnshire, UK. Originally a large bomber airfield, it opened during the Royal Air Forces expansion period, late 1930's. It was expanded in the 1950's to accommodate the Vulcan bombers. Better known in recent years as the home to part of Britain's defensive fleet of F4 Phantom's, and F3 Tornado's, Coningsby is now home to the Operational Conversion Unit for the Typhoon. This is one of a series of UK military bases, and has been built to be compatible with the UK VFR scenery. These scenery files were payware. They are now freeware. Steve Anderson. 3.1MB
FS2004/FSX Phoenix, Arizona Photo Scenery AddPack. Adds another 3500 sq km to the Phoenix AZ standard resolution scenery. This pack contains the whole Sierra Estrella and the White Tank Mountains. Scenery is in standard FS2004 resolution of 4.7 m/pixel. Requires PHX07_LR.ZIP. By Gottfried Razek.
FS2004 Wanshank AFB Iraq Scenery & AI Aircraft pack. Created a new airfield called Wanshank in Iraq with various AI aircraft doing sorties and TNG`s at Wanshank. Includes AI F-18 model by Mikko Maliniemi, Contains everything needed to activate all Canadian CF-188 (F-18) units and also includes realistic aircraft textures and callsign voicepacks. This package includes AI F18`s , and other aircraft. 1.1MB
FS2004 Autotrees Beta v0.1 - a programme to "plant" autogen trees in FS2004 (FS9). Autotrees was written to automatically write any number of autogen files. It will only produce files containing trees, and I can't see a way to produce buildings the same way. It was written using UK VFR Photographic Scenery as a testbed, but should work with any photoreal ground textures. The accuracy of the output is extremely dependant on the quality of the texture files used. The included jpegs are all "untouched" taken after a couple of seconds running Autotrees. Autotrees can produce over 120 files per minute on an AMD 2.0 Ghz computer. Thats over a million trees an hour; how's that for global offsetting!By David J Griffiths. 443K
FS2004 Carrier Príncipe de Asturias. Fully landable deck with night lights. Very detailed, with crew and four helicopters included. The model for FS2004 places the ship outside the bay of Santander, Spain, at N43.36, W 3.47. A new airport will appear among your Spanish ones called R11S. If you have previously discharged them, she will be in companion of the LPD Galicia, the LHD Juan Carlos I and the frigates Alvaro de Bazan and Reina Sofia, also available in simviation. Made by Alberto García Lledó. See Docs for detailed credits.
FS2004 AFCADs of All Major Indian Airports. AFCAD Files of All Major Indian Airports. Files for VAAH (Ahmedabad), VOBG (Bangalore), VOCI (Cochin), VOTV (Trivandrum), VAPO (Pune), VANP (Nagpur), VIAR (Amritsar), VOMM (Chennai), VOHY (Hyderabad), VAGO (Goa). All Airports can now easily handle loads of AI Aircrafts of all sizes as lots of Gates have been added. Extra Taxiways, Longer Runways, ILS and Lighting for all Runways, New Tower Views, etc are Special Features. By Rutvij Talavdekar. 285K
FS2004 Santa Catalina Island (KAVX), California (CA), high-res photoreal scenery. This scenery contains the whole Santa Catalina Island which is located about 30 miles south of Los Angeles. It covers an area of 190 sq km in super crisp 1.2m/pix resolution. The airport area is even covered in 0.3m/pix resolution. The scenery is an ideal extension to the author's Los Angeles sceneries. By Gottfried Razek.