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FS2004, Kona at Keahole International Airport PHKO This is a completely new Kona, which is now more correctly laid out and very detailed. This is one of the most unique and beautiful airports in the world. It resembles a Hawaiian Village and Botanic garden combined, and is completey open air. The airport is built on old lava flows, and the terminal area is full of lava rock walls, which was probably mined while constructing the taxiways, tarmacs, and terminal itself. This scenery redoes the entire airport, and includes details like baggage carrousels, benches at the gate areas, check-in counters, parking lot shelters, and some purple baggage carts to go with the Island atmosphere. Since this airport has no jetways, I have created some new lower impact air stairs, and have positioned them around the two main gate areas. There is also a large air stair at each gate area to accommodate heavy jetliners. The unique ramp lights found at this airport are also included as well as some interesting night lit ramp textures. It has not been tested in FS2002. By: Bill Melichar 5.7MB
FS2004 CAM3 Duncan B.C, Canada. CAM3 Duncan is a small but unique little airport. Just a short flight from Victoria B.C you will find the town of Duncan ,the little airport sits above the town. I have tryed to make CAM3 as real as i can,so make sure you take the time to taxi around and have a look. Thank you for downloading my scenery and i hope you enjoy it !!!! My special thanks goes to Gary ,who lives there, and was kind enough to take pictures and lend a hand in making sure the buildings, and the layout are as close as possible.Because Gary is a chopper sim Guy I have made a helo pad ,and his own hanger in Duncan .Other than that building ,and of course Brelli Northern. 2.3MB
FS2004 AFCAD File For KPTW, Pottstown Limerick Airport. Matt Wier. 3K
FS2004 Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) AFCAD2 Airport Upgrade. Nearly all gates of LFPG are included. A total of 244 are available. By Xavier Ossedat. 107K
FS2004 Chiang Mai 2004, Thailand. Airport & surrounding scenery. Background: Chiang Mai International Airport is under the authority of the Airport Authority of Thailand. It was somewhat difficlut to find detailed information on this airport, and I had to rely on help from others. One person who really wanted to see this scenery made a point of getting a copy of the airport layout from the AIP and sending it to me. Photographs are helpful for making custom buildings, but layout diagrams are invaluable to accurate placement of buildings and taxiways. By Martin Strong. 6.9MB
FS2004 Ubon Ratchathani 2004, Thailand. Introduction: This is an updated version of the scenery I had originally created for FS2002. Since that time, I have learned a lot about scenery design, and this is reflected in this newer version. Many of the objects will look the same, but there are a few improvements which will result in better performance. The two biggest changes have to do with the ground textures, and the use of library objects. I no longer use custom ground textures, since I think the default styled textures can look good when used as directed in the SDK. Also, every tree, car, fence, and any other object that appears more than once is now a library object, which helps to improve framerates on slower systems. By Martin Strong. 2.9MB
FS2004 Hua Hin Scenery, Thailand. This is my long overdue overhaul of Hua Hin. I meant to complete this months ago, but I was kept busy by my real life. This worked out well in the end, since there were a few issues with my scenery that I was unable to resolve until the last few weeks. Hua Hin is a slightly unusual airport for because it has highway that runs underneath the runway. The default scenery has the highway several hundred meters away. Also, the end of the runway is just a few meters away from the beach, whereas the default scenery has placed it too far away. These issues result in compromises being made, and you may notice this especially near where the runway hits the beach. It is important to understand that this scenery is a compromise between the real-world Hua Hin Airport, and what is possible to create in Flight Simulator. You can expect future updates to this scenery, as issues with the game engine are resolved. By Martin Strong. 3.8MB
FS2004 Wroc³aw Strachowice (EPWR), Poland. Przemyslaw Tabisz. 2MB
FS2004 Santa MariaAzores International Airport (LPAZ) Upgrade. Adds lights and re-opens old runways. Francisco Silva 42K
CFS2/FS2002/FS2004 Scenery-RAF Oulton, UK v 2 Home of 100 Group Bomber Command squadrons 214 and 223 during 1944/45. They were involved in radio and electronic countermeasures and flew the B17 and B24. This airfield is recreated as it would look in 1944, 3 concrete runways, 4 T2 Hangars, control tower plus many other authentic buildings. Also anywhere refueling. Includes the magnificent Jacobean Mansion of Blickling Hall used as the station headquarters. This release requires BRBLDV1.ZIP (below) to be installed. By Daniel Hamblin. 3.2MB