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CFS2/FS2002/FS2004 Scenery- British Airfield Buildings v 1 Six airfield buildings as used on British Airifields during the Second World War and still surviving on many airfields. These are in library format. Include T2 type hangar, gun station trainer and Nissen Hut. Objects can also be used in CFS2 mission builder. By Daniel Hamblin and Gary Burns.( 533K
FS2004 Portland International Airport, Oregon. The major air hub for the Portland area and southwest Washington is the Portland International Airport, located next to the Columbia River in northeast Portland. All major air carriers serving the northwest connect here. Portland has three runways, the longest being 11,000 feet. Scenery requires Traffic Tools v2 and AFCAD v2.11. Also it requires textures from ASDv2.1, Nova and Nova Gold. By John B. Loney, Jr. 684K
FS2004 Thailand Aircraft Carriers. This scenery package will add two aircraft carriers off the coast of Thailand. One will be just west of Pattaya, and the other will be just East of Phuket. You can't miss them - they're big. I made a few minor modifications, since the original model was created using FSDS1.6. The modifications mostly involve lighting, and animation of the radars. Since the FS2004 SDK has been released, I was able to add some basic navaids and AFD data, so you should be able to select both of the carriers in the goto airport selection screen. Javier Fernandez. Colin Thwaites. Assembled by Martin Strong. 1.7MB

FS2004 - Tasmania Australia Package. This file includes 37 Airports/Airfields complete with full textures, AFCAD files, Traffic BGL files, Landclass Scenery and Terrain Mesh for the whole of Tasmanian - Australia. All default Airports for Tasmania are included and have been completely remade to be as realistic as I could make them .You will require all Nova & Nova Gold Textures, VOD, Airport & ASD Textures as well as Gerrish Gray's Trees (here). Ian.J.Thatcher. 14.6MB

See update below.

FS2004 AI Ships. Bored with AI traffic in the skies only? Try these AI ships, which move independently across the waters of San Francisco Bay, complete with custom wake and other water effects. Vessels included are Lynn & Bill Lyons' Garwood Cruiser and Mike Hill's HMS Bark Endeavour. Richard Hogen's LA Class submarine requires an additional download. Easy installation! Includes tips and tricks for setting up other ships and additional AFCAD2 "shipping lanes" anywhere in the FS world. By Holger Sandmann. 2.3MB
FS2004 updated water effects for AI Ships.Updated water effects for my file package. They remove the issue of wind influence on the wake and spray effect. Simply overwrite the previous set of effects in your FS9\Effects folder. By Holger Sandmann. 17K
FS2004 Starter Kit for AI Floatplanes AI traffic of three floatplanes in the San Francisco Bay and instructions for setting up other floatplanes and additional AFCAD2 water strips anywhere in the FS world. Realistic wake and spray effects. Simple installation! Also includes three additional templates for the default C208 Amphibian and a DHC-2 Beaver and Noorduyn Norseman (separate downloads). By Holger Sandmann. 2.3MB
FS2004 - Hobart Airport - Tasmania UPDATE (30th Jan 2004) Thise UPDATE now makes Hobart Airport fully compatible with FS2004 (FS9) giving you much better framerates than my older version. Please make sure you read the "Readme Files" before installing. You MUST have my "Tasmanian Airports/Airfields" Package ( - above) installed before attempting to install this UPDATE !! Ian Thatcher. 183K
FS2004 Flinders Ranges South Australia. This scenery is an accurate representation of Wilpena Pound, Hawker and Quorn airports. All of the 3d objects, textures, AFCAD and animations have been custom made specifically for this scenery. By Steven Royals. 1.1MB