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  Scenery Page 14
FS2004 Maracaibo La Chinita (SVMC) Venezuela. Includes many oil rigs with landable helipads. Designed by Jaime Ortega. 2.9MB
FS2004 Guanare Airport (SVGU) Venezuela. Designed by Jaime Ortega. 1.8MB
FS2004 Bocono Airport (SVBK) Venezuela. Designed by Jaime Ortega. 1.5MB
FS2004 Venezuelan Airport 1. By Jaime Ortega. 411K
FS2004 Venezuelan Airport 2. By Jaime Ortega. 409K
FS2004 Russian AFCAD2 files. Some 20 airports included. Made according to the real airport charts as far as the default scenery allows. Some AFCAD's are for non-default scenery. Ivo van Zon (Ivan). 141K
FS2004 Warnervale Airport (YWVA) - NSW - Australia This popular small GA Airport was not included as a Default Airport in FS2004 so I decided to make my own version for myself and a few friends. This scenery comes with full textures,Landclass, AFCAD2 file and AI Traffic File. You will require extra texture files such as Nova & Nova Gold , Airport, ASD, VOD and Gerrish Grays trees. (all available here) Please have fun Peter Cassey. 864K
FS2004 Vancouver International Gates & Buildings upgrade. Corrects Gate & other building locations. 527K
FS2004 Denver International AFCAD Upgrade. On September 4th 2003 Denver International opened new runway 16R/34L. This new runway is 16,000'x 200' and designed to accomodate Next Generation Large Aircraft such as the Airbus A-380 or proposed Boeing 747X. To add the new runway you must have AFCAD v2.11(here). Eric James. 38K
FS2004 AI Traffic in the Montreal area Requires TTools. Mike Morin. 92K