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Scenery Page 38
FS2004 Arecibo Observatory - Arecibo, Puerto Rico. This is version 1.1 of Arecibo Observatory. This scenery consist of the Arecibo dish and structure. Jorge Machado. 183K
FS2004 Chimney Rock, Nebraska. This is version 1.2 of Chimney Rock. This scenery consist of Chimney Rock and a flatten file to make sure any mesh underneath does not interfere. Jorge Machado. 206K
FS2004 Devils Tower. This is version 1.0 of Devils Tower. This scenery consist of the tower itself and a flatten file to make sure any mesh underneath does not interfere. Jorge Machado. 532K
FS2004 City of Birmingham, Alabama State biggest city and located north from alabama state capitol city Montgomery. This add-on scenery adds four most famoust buildings into Birmingham downtown area: AmSouth-Sonat tower, Wachovia tower, Bellsouth and AmSouth-Harbert Plaza. I hope you like this add-on. Original - Toni Hiltunen christmas - David Hays. 794K
FS2004 Scenery El Loa Airport (SCCF), Calama, Chile A new version of Calama airport,This scenery includes a very detailed terminal building, realistic service vehicles night textures, and gates too. NOTE: this version works in FS2002 too. By Gabriel Concha V. 3.7MB
FS2004 Complete AI flightplans for Korean Airlines. 2.5MB
FS2004 Complete AI flightplans for American Airlines. 4.1MB
FS2004 Hugh Smith Ranger Station This is a depiction of Hugh Smith Ranger Station located on the western end of Hugh Smith Lake in the Misty Fjords of Alaska. This scenery was modified from a scenery I created for the default mesh. Milt Chambers. 1.6MB
FS2004 Hollywood Sign Having trouble finding the Hollywood sign which is half buried in the Terrian Mesh, when overflying the Hollywood Hills area of Burbank\Los Angeles, well not any longer. I have made a flatten BGL file so that the HOLLYWOOD Sign is now raised up and fully exposed. Also, I have added a NDB to the Burbank airport AFCAD file which puts an NDB right beside the Hollywood sign so now you can find the sign from any direction. Clive Ryan. 66K
FS2004, Mexico City International Airport, MMMX. This scenery is of the International airport in Mexico City, the world's largest city. It includes the entire airport plus the airport hotels, and the small hill just outside the airport that has a radar tower on top of it. It also contains an acurately depicted control tower, and the doppler radar tower on the far side of the airport. The unusual heavy steel fence in a criss cross pattern which surrounds part of the airport is also included. One of the main Autopistas that runs along the perimeter of the airport is also included with traffic running in both directions for more dramatic landings. This airport is homebase to AeroMexico, Mexicana, and Aeromar. All afcads are welcome! By: Bill Melichar. 5.9MB