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Scenery Page 39
FS2004 Adelaide International Airport, South Australia Adelaide is currently receiving a new integrated domestic and international terminal. This file will depict this new terminal in four stages. Prior to 2004 it won't exist, then two stages of construction in 2004, 2005 then fully functional after 2005. Features 'active trees' that appear to sway in the breeze, an active docking system and the new glass sided gates can be controlled via com 1. Requires Nova and Nova Gold Textures. By Chris Hutchings 4.3MB

FS2004, Nadi International Airport, Fiji Islands (NFFN) This scenery completely remakes the airport in a more accurate and complete style than the FS2002 version. It now more accurately depicts the entire airport, and corrects the sloppy taxiways in FS9. Night ramp lighting, along with several hangar areas are now included. This airport, along with Honolulu and the Phillippines is one of the larger mid Pacific hubs. It is also a favorite holiday spot for New Zealand, and Australia, and is the gateway to the Fiji Islands. Air Pacific also makes it's home here. By: Bill Melichar. 5.8MB

FS2004 Guam International Airport, Won Pat, PGUM. Thia scenery represents the architecturally beautiful Guam International airport located in the Pacific Islands near the Phillippines. It has been completely redone for FS2004, and now represents the airport much closer due to some new photos. It is a fairly large airport, and an important stop over point for many trans Pacific flights. The scenery contains the main terminal, commuter terminal, cargo area, general aircraft area, hangar area, airport business center, and a residential area overlooking the resort city of Agana. It also features all new tropical trees, and new jetways which conform to the type of aircraft. By: Bill Melichar. 7.2MB
FS2004, Texture fix for Nadi, Fiji and Guam This fix should correct the missing asphalt textures which some are encountering with my Nadi, Fiji, and Guam scenery. Both Sceneries above . It seems that one of the asphalt textures changed names when it was compiled into the scenery which causes it not to show on some peoples computers. I have only heard of this problem from one person who had both my Guam and Nadi sceneries installed, so I thought it was an isolated case. When I heard of the same problem from a different person with my latest Mexico scenery I investigated further, and finally isolated the problem. This fix should take care of it, and is only recommended for those having this particular problem. Otherwise you can leave your scenery as is .By: Bill Melichar. 409K
FS2004 Tieton Flying Club - 4S6 in Rimrock, Washington. The default 4S6 airport enhanced using the RWY12 program. This airport is now the "home base" of the Tieton Flying Club. You can visit them at RWY12 program is NOT required for this scenery - all required files are included in this package. Unzip to a temporary folder (using folder option) and follow the simple installation instructions. Tested in FS2004 only. Compiled by David "Opa" Marshall. 4.8MB
FS2004 Continental Airlines TrafficPack Version 2. This is Continental Airlines AI traffic for FS 2004. Might work on FS2002. Flight plans are NOT the original of Continental Airlines. Package includes Boeing 727-200, 737-300, 737-200, 757-300, 757-200, and the DC-9-30 for AI so they are very framerate friendly. 7.1MB
FS2004 Updated AFCAD Files for YSHT,YMAV,YPID,YBLA. These files are to update the airports listed above in Victoria, Australia. I have fixed the default afcad files with more accurate and realistic ones using the Australian ERSA and by visualy flying over them in real life by Jake Saw (AFCAD available here if required). 46K
FS2004 Grano Airport of Oro, Maracaibo Ziruma, Venezuela. 2.5MB
FS2004 NY Lakes, Rivers & Coastlines v1.2. This scenery significantly enhances the lakes, rivers, & coastlines of New York State (USA- excluding Long Island). Many lakes have been added, esp. in the Adirondack Mt. area, all lake locations & sizes have been fixed, "MS-fictional" lakes have been removed, and shoreline detail resolution is increased. v1.2 adds more lakes, rivers, & corrects some issues. See Readme. By Peter Ricciardiello. 3.6MB