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FS2004 Michigan Military Flightplans. Flightplans for transient and locally-based aircraft to fill the airports in my Michigan Military Airports scenery (also works with default). Includes AFCAD2 files for some home and destination airports and repaints for most of the required aircraft. Requires TTools and original AI aircraft models. By Matt Magner. 1.2MB
FS2004 Ysterplaat AFB, South Africa. Detailed Ysterplaat AFB, Cape Town, SA to replace the default FS scenery. Includes facilities for ai choppers. By Simon Smeiman. 421K
FS2004 Suez Channel (Suez Canal) region in Egypt. Improved & upgraded scenery from the FS9 default. Winfried Orthmann. 809K
FS2004 Nice Cote D'Azur Airport environment. From Cannes to Monaco, here are the main eyes_catchers you may see when landing to "Nice Cote d'Azur airport", south of France. Please read the included readme.txt file for details and installation procedure. By Henry Rastouil. 4 MB
FS2004 Updated Afcad File for YMAY, Albury Austrlia. I recently flew to Albury and found out it was nothing like MS's version. So i got out my ERSA and created this. I hope you'll find that it much more real than it was. By Jake Saw. 7K
FS2004 Continental Airlines AI TrafficPack Version 2. This is the Continental Airlines AI traffic for FS 2004. Might work on FS2002. Flight plans are NOT the original of Continental Airlines. Package includes Boeing 727-200, 737-300, 737-200, 757-300, 757-200, 767-400, and the DC-9-30 for AI so they are very framerate friendly. 6.7MB
FS2004 Afcad file for EGSX-North Weald UK This Afcad file represents the former RAF North Weald (EGSX) as it was at the end of the 1970's and as it virually remains today. In essence all the Taxiways are as existed at that time, however since I have yet to master the art of creating scenery I have had to make minor adjustments to their layout in order to avoid the default FS Scenery trees "poking through". I have given the Airfield full ATC/ILS capabilityiorcrafdt on the Ground and arrivals and departures are taking place. The Tower View is from the current Tower Location. (afcad here). 7K
FS2004 Copenhagen, Denmark v2.4 VFR scenery with corrected coastline as well as buildings ranging from the historical royal palaces and castles to the modern power plants in the area surrounding Copenhagen. By Soeren H. Nicolaisen, Kim Dahl, Steffen Kidal, Ivar Danielsen, and Lars Moellebjerg. 20MB
FS2004 Project Lisbon Photoreal v2.2 Photoreal scenery for Lisbon city and LPPT airport with photoreal ground and objects, placed with GPS precision. Version 2.2 PLP updates airport terminal and ground for year 2005, including the new taxiway "U6". 3rd version of the first accurate LPPT ground depiction for MSFS. Now, includes missing glideslope antennas and many improvements. By Pedro Oliveira. 15.2MB
FS2004 Kirkuk, Balad, and Tallil AB AFCADS. AFCAD2 files for Kirkuk, Balad, and Tallil airbases in Iraq. By Matt Magner. 132K
FS2004 Improved Lightning Effects A series of lightning effects produced in Adobe After Effects 6.0 Professional Edition. Greatly improved over the default and other third party add-ons. 187K