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FS2004 San Diego Naval Station. San Diego has been home to many of the finest ships in the U.S. Navy from before WWII to current day. This will give you a place to park your collection of ships (such as the Liberty ship and the Fletcher Destroyer). Phil Crowther. 6MB
FS2004 Gardemoen ENGM, Norway. . This airport was constructed during spring 2004. I used pictures and airport maps and during the process i decided to do a few compromises. Features. New textures Night and day. And a few winter summer spring autumn. Winter objects. Animated cargo Dynamic scenery Runway and taxi signs AF2 file for taxiing Night lights on different aprons. Author: Nils H Lorentzson. 4.1MB
FS2004 USS Lexington CV-2 This is a FSDS model comverted to Gmax and compiled in the FS2004 scenery object format. It has a hardened deck surface so you can land and take off with any plane equipped with the RCBCO-20 gauges. A ship wake effect has been added. It is located just off the San Diego, Ca. Naval Station. The necessary XML and .MDL file are included so it can be moved to other locations with BGLcomp. By Paul Clawson. 102K
FS2004 Las Vegas - Photorealistic Mesh Summer Scenery - Base Pack. The base pack includes Night and Summer Texture - which covers with photorealistic scenery the Areas of Las Vegas. The season map bgl file - is also includes with the base pack - as it is essential to display night texture. Hovewer - the base pack does not includes season texture - and therefore you are only able to fly - on summer season with night texture. If you switch to winter - spring - fall - the scenery will not display any texture. This is the way FS9 works - Microsoft did it - and not us. 47.3MB
FS2004 South African Airlines AI Traffic v1.0. These flight plans include the 2004-2005 winter flight scedule but still might not be the original flight plans from South African. Below I have included the aircraft that comes with this scedule. "Boeing 737-200" "Boeing 737-800" "Boeing 747-400" Name: David Hays. 1.7MB
FS2004 Ultimate Citation 550 AI Package Flightplans by DavidCooper with contributions by Aidan Williamson, Chris Evans, Justa, Adrie van Dijk Project Repainters : Gerry Kane, Ralf Maylin, Dave Hall and Jannik Dahl Contributing Repainters : Ismet Mustafic, Adrie van Dijk, David Carter, Mal Lloyd, Justa/Aeromodell, Michael Carr and Gordon Moore Valuable Contributions : Paul Holstein, Felix Hippman, Reggie Fields, Alexis Antonakis, Andrew Berry The Citation Model : With thanks to Dee Waldron and Henry Tomkiewicz Reworked AI Flight Dynamics : Henry Tomkiewicz. Flightplans by DavidCooper. 13.7MB
Ultimate GA Cessna 402 AI Package , Mal Lloyd and Reggie Fields Repaints by : Ralf Maylin, Dave Hall, David Carter, Adrie van Dijk, Paul Holstein, Mal Lloyd and Roberto Pontiggia Contributing Repainters : Dale Caruso Invaluable Contribution : Frank Bass The Cessna 402 AI Model v2 : Henry Tomkiewicz. Flightplans by DavidCooper. 18.1MB
FS2004 AI Aircraft Update 2 by David Hays These setups are suppose to give you more effects and fixes some things(not flightplans) for the traffic package built by David Hays. These setups includes AirTran, Alaska, American, British, Continental, Delta, Hawaiian, KLM, LOT, Qantas, Song, South African, Southwest, and United. 2MB
FS2004/20024 Alternative Cliff Textures Replacements for the three standard sets of cliff textures, plus an extra set for Yosemite National Park (may be useful in other areas). Freeware files by other authors used (by permission) in screenshots. Author: Ben Hartnett. 2.1MB